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Beleana's fanfic - Final

Bubblegum Treat

It was the weekend and Sponge bob and Patrick were near the jelly fields lying down looking at the sky, using their imagination to look for shapes in the clouds and telling each other about it, when Sponge bob had a great idea.
"Hey Patrick, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Err....yea I'm thinking what you're thinking....."
"Do you know what would make this more enjoyable; something that involves us chewing??"
"Errr........eating donuts and looking at the clouds?"
With a confused look on his face, Sponge bob wasn't sure if Patrick was really thinking what he was thinking. 'oh well', Sponge bob thought, 'he will find out'.
"Patrick, you're close but we're going to have a bubble gum blowing contest!!!!"
Now it was Patrick's turn to be confused . He didn't understand what Sponge bob was talking about.
"HUH??? A what???"
"Patrick! Bubble gum and a contest. Between you and me."
Finally Patrick understood and got the picture. A bubble gum and a contest.
"OOOOHH!! Oooo can I have pink? that's my favourite colour."
"Bubblegum only comes in one colour anyways. Come on, lets go get pink bubblegum from snack'n'attack".
Sponge bob and Patrick went to get bubblegum and then came back to the field and
Sponge bob starts chewing and blowing.
With a face that looked as if it was going to pop, Patrick tried to blow a bubble but it kept on going flat. Whereas Sponge bob was successfully blowing bubbles, however, not big enough to his satisfaction.
" do you blow a bubble, Spongebob?"
Spongebob turned around and to see Patrick's face continuously turning blue and purple.
"Its easy! Like this!"
Sponge bob closed his eyes and with a simple blow, he blew into the gum and out came a bubble.
"Wooow!!," Patrick said with admiration as he watched the pink bubble grow bigger and bigger and bigger.
Then it popped in front of Patrick's face. He didn't even move when it landed there. Sponge bob opened his eyes again, "I think that was the biggest one I've done," he said proudly and smiled. "Now you try! All you have to do is say 'it's easy!' "
Patrick nodded and with his face in concentration he said "It's easssssssyyy!!"
He did not notice it himself but Patrick was actually blowing really hard and a bubble was developing slowly.
"Wow! You're doing it Patrick. Whooooo!!!"
Patrick saw what was in front of him and then the bubble popped. Patrick had a huge smile on his face.
That afternoon, Sponge bob and Patrick practiced blowing bubbles until it grew dark.

The next day Patrick came knocking on Sponge bob's house.
"Sponge bobbbb!! Let's do the contest now!" he said excitedly.
The door was opened by Gary and Patrick let himself in. It looked like Sponge bob was in a hurry.
"Sorry Patrick, but I've got work today. Let's do the bubblegum contest after I finish work"
"Awwww...........fine! I'll practice with Gary!"
"Meow" Gary said. Patrick stormed out of the house, and on the way he picked up Gary.

Some hours later, Sponge bob was happily flipping over patties on the grill, when he looked out the window and sees in the distance, Patrick having fun blowing bubbles. 'Gary looks like he's having fun watching Patrick blow bubbles,' Sponge bob thought to himself. 'What's that in his mouth??' he wondered. 'Is that bubblegum? Did Patrick give bubblegum to my Gary?!'
"SPONGEBOB!! You're burning the patties!! If you're burning the patties, then you're burning me money!!!" shouted Mr. Krabs.  
Startled, Sponge bob looked at the patties that were left on the grill, becoming burnt.
"Ahh!! S-s-sorry Mr.Krabs, but Patrick gave some bubblegum to Gary. I can see Gary chewing from here." and he pointed out the window towards Gary and Patrick.
"I don't care about your Gary. I care about me-me- the customers!! Argh!! They are the important ones here. Focus Sponge bob, Focus!!" and with that, Mr.Krabs went off, back to his office.
Sponge bob quickly chucked the burnt patties to the bin and started again. But he couldn't stop thinking about how Gary was chewing bubblegum. 'How can Patrick do that to me? Maybe he's trying get to me to do the contest. So that's why he got revenge on me, by giving bubblegum to Gary!!!' He was shocked and gasped.
'I'm going to beat him at the bubble gum contest. Honestly, how can he do that to Gary!'
Sponge bob worked hard but was angry. When it was his break, Sponge bob went straight to where Patrick and Gary was. He was still there practising.
"PATRICKKK!!" shouted Sponge bob. "PAATRICCKK!!"
Patrick stopped blowing bubbles and turned to Spongebob.
"Why did you give bubblegum to Gary?!"
"I didn't. . . . "
"I SAW him chewing!"
"But it wasn't bubble gum. . . "

"Patrick, are you lying to me,??!!"
"No. . . . .why would you think I'm lying,??" Patrick started to sound teary.
"Then what was it??!!" Sponge bob was trying to keep his cool and didn't want to explode in front of Patrick. He didn't want lose his best friend. But he really wanted Patrick to tell him what Gary had in his mouth immediately.
Almost bursting in tears, Patrick sobbed "It was a lolly. A big, chewy lolly okay??!!!". And with that outburst of confession, he ran all the way home thinking that giving a lolly to Gary was even worse than giving him bubblegum.
Sponge bob was surprised as he watched Patrick run to his rock, where he lived.
"Meow," Gary came up to Sponge bob and looked up at him.
"Is that true Gary?"
"Meow" which meant yes.
Then he picked Gary up smiled at him and then looked at Patrick's house.
"I thought he was taking revenge on me. Then I should go say sorry for being angry at him. Let's go Gary."
On the way, Sponge bob was thinking how silly it was for Patrick to run away like that. 'Lollies and bubblegum are different. Gary wouldn't know how to chew a bubblegum. It's not for snails anyway.'
Spongebob knocked on Patrick's house.
"Patrick, I know you're in there."
"Patrick is not home. Please leave a message. Beeeeeeep." said Patrick.
"Patrick, please let me in!" asked Spongebob as politely as he could.
After a few minutes of waiting outside and listening to Patrick sobbing quietly from inside his house, Spongebob let himself in.
He found Patrick hunched in a corner of his house crying quietly, his back faced toward Spongebob. He put Gary down and touched Patrick on his shoulder. Patrick shuddered at his touch and cried a little louder. "Patrick. . . .I'm, I'm s-s-s-sorry. You just gave him a lolly! Which is fine!! I wouldn't have thought you would give bubblegum to Gary . I only thought that because you wanted to do that contest earlier and so you took revenge on me by giving Gary bubblegum. So. . . .do you want to do that bubblegum blowing contest now?" 
And then he said quietly and a little muffled "I don't know what you said Spongebob, but. .  .Okay! Let's do it!!!" And with that, Patrick suddenly sprung up, all happy and smiling. Spongebob was once again surprised by Patrick's sudden change of emotion. He smiled and followed Patrick out the door to the fields, thinking about how he's grateful to have Patrick as his best friend. Because he'd never know what he would do. "Patrick, you're my best friend, you know that?"
But Patrick's face was already puffed up and blowing bubblegum bubbles, getting ready for the contest.  

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Pokemon fan fiction FINAL

Pokemon fan fiction
Ash and Pikachu



Pokemon are animals that can go into small pocket balls. They can be small or large ranging from as big as 3 metres or as small as 30 cm.
They can use many skills such as bite, tackle, growl, sand-attack, confusion and many more. They can defeat each other.
Professor Oak is the creator of the Pokemon.
Ash is one of the great Pokemon fighters.

Pikachu is a yellow, electric type Pokemon.
Ash was the master of Pikachu.
Pikachu decided to run away from Ash. He wanted to get out of the pocket ball. He stole money while Ash was sleeping.
It was enough to get an airplane ticket and money for one year to stay in America.

So, he went to America. On his way to America, he had to sneak away from the airplane. It was his first time in America and the airplane was so clean and the flight attendants were very kind.
He wanted to eat a hot dog, a pizza and a big cheeseburger.
He arrived in America. He went to Time Square and rode the Ferris Wheel.
On his way to the bar, he saw the cutest, sexiest Pokemon ever but he was too shy to talk to her. Her name was Jigglypuff. She was an American bartender. Pikachu was in love. He kept on ordering drinks and he got drunk. Just when he was about to talk to her, he had to throw up. Pikachu was sad, drunk and lonely.
As the bar was closing, Jigglypuff walked up to Pikachu and asked if Pikachu wanted to go to a nightclub. Pikachu was excited. He had never been to a nightclub before. They entered the club.
The music was loud and everything was dark. Picachu loved the lasers. The lasers reminded him of Oak’s lab. Pikachu decided to do some tequila shots. He got drunk …again! He then looked around and could not find Jigglypuff. Pikachu was confused. “Oh, pikapi!!” And all of the sudden, he saw Jigglypuff, dancing with another Pokemon, it was Gengar. He was purple and looked like an evil ghost. Pikachu got angry. He broke the glass and he could feel electric power in his body. Pikachu attacked Gengar first and electrocuted him. Gengar was knocked out easily.
Jigglypuff thought, ‘Pikachu is masculine and strong’.
They started to dance together.
Pikachu asked Jigglypuff  if she could go to Japan with him but Jigglypuff knew Pikachu was drunk and didn’t take it seriously.
Next morning, Pikachu woke up on the side of the road. He couldn’t remember anything except Jigglypuff. He couldn’t remember the bar where he met her. Pikachu was sad and had a headache. He thought, “I am going to find the bar!!!”
Later on that evening, he started going to one bar after another, looking for Jigglypuff.
Meanwhile, Ash was looking for Pikachu. He was losing the fights because he didn't have Pikachu. He asked Raticate, one of Pikachu’s best friends, if he knew where Pikachu was. Raticate was hesitant to talk to Ash because Pikachu told him not to tell Ash where he was going. "I'm sorry, master" said Raticate. Then Ash threatened him, " If you don't tell me where Pikachu went, I will put you into hard training." Raticate got scared and told Ash that Pikachu had gone to New York.
Ash thought, "New York is too big, I might need Professor Oak’s help."
Professor Oak gave Ash some help, "Use this machine. It is used to track Pokemon." The machine was the size of Ash’s palm and could track down where Pikachu was. It showed Pikachu at a bar in New York.
Back in New York, Pikachu found the bar where Jigglypuff worked at.
"Ah, there you are!" exclaimed Pikachu. Jigglypuff was serving at a new bar. "Where did you go?"
Jiggylpuff didn't say anything. She just looked at Pikachu sadly.
Then, Pikachu threw his glass. Jigglypuff got surprised and scared.
"Well, I don't really like you." Jigglypuff said.
"..." Jigglypuff didn't say anything, she just looked at the floor.
At that moment, Ash came to the bar glaring at Pikachu, "Pikachu!I found you!" Pikachu got surprised. "Ah, you! I am not your Pokemon anymore."
"I got a pocket ball for you," said Ash.
Ash threw the pocket ball at Pikachu.
Pikachu resisted and the pocket ball didn't work.
"What’s happening? Why doesn't my pocket ball work?"
"Because I am a super Pokemon!!"
Pokemon become super Pokemon when they get drunk.
Pikachu, is very drunk so it was obvious that pocket ball didn't work.
"Haha, I've got a master ball" said Ash.
Master balls are super balls which can capture Pokemon in any situation. Ash threw the master ball and caught Pikachu. Pikachu was now inside the ball.
Ash was Satisfied. "Ah, I finally grabbed you, Pikachu!"
Ash thought, "Now where should I go?"
He was thinking of having a nice holiday in America. So, he decided to go to the beach.
“I know a good place for a holiday!” said Jigglypuff.
“You can be my guide.” Ash followed Jigglypuff.
Along the West coast, the sun was shining. The beach was beautiful and Jigglypuff and Ash were laying down on the beach peacefully.  Everybody was happy. This is how the story ends.

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Nadine's Final FanFic!

Arnold and Gerald Travel to South America

Hey Arnold is a Nickelodeon cartoon about a football- headed boy of around 12 years old. He lives with his grandparents in he city and goes to school and hangs around with Gerald (his best friend), Helga (who's secretly in love with him) and with his other friends.

Arnold and Gerald are now grown up. They have just graduated from high school.
These two best friends, have been planning to go on a trip after graduating to visit their exchange student friend from Argentina.
The time has finally come and they were leaving in three hours.
"Are you ready Arnold?", Gerald asked his friend.
Arnold was very excited at that moment. He couldn't believe it that they were finally going to visit their friend Agustina and he was very happy for traveling too. Arnold was travelling in his own thoughts, and he didn't hear Gerald.
"Arnold! Are you ready?" Gerald asked again.
"Yes! I'm so excited, this is going to be an awesome trip!"Arnold said.

So they made their way to the airport to catch their plane.
After a 12 hour flight, they finally got to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Agustina was waiting for them at the airport with her sister Catalina. They both were very anxious to see Arnold and Gerald, because Agustina has talked about them all the time and Catalina has always wanted to meet them.

Arnold and Gerald finally came out off the door! Agustina and Catalina ran up to them, they were very happy to see them!
Agustina and Catalina hugged them and kissed them on the cheek as every Argentinian does. Arnold and Gerald found it quite strange.
"This is my sister Catalina" Agustina said.
"Hello!" Both Arnold and Gerald looked at Catalina, but Catalina wasn't saying anything. So, Agustina told them that Catalina didn't speak English. "Oh, Hola!" Gerald exclaimed with his English accent.
Catalina smiled and answered, "Hola!"
So, they went to Agustina's house, which was in a neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
It was 10am in Buenos Aires, and there were big traffic jams on the road.
Agustina explained to them that Buenos Aires was a very busy city and that there are traffic jams all of the time.
It was strange for Arnold and Gerald to see so many cars on the road, because they came from a small town and now they were in a big city.
Agustina explained "Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, but you have to be careful sometimes, because it can get dangerous during the night time".
"Yes, it's a beautiful city Agustina! We are going to try to be careful at all times", Arnold responded.
"But don't worry guys, because I'm on holidays now, so I'm going to be with you most of the time"Agustina said.
Gerald was too busy staring at Catalina, he couldn't believe how pretty she looked.
Arnold gave him a little kick, for him to react and he finally stopped staring at Catalina.
They finally got to the house.
After a few days, Arnold and Gerald have adapted to their friends lifestyles. They have met Agustina's family and a few of her friends. They have rested and they were now used to the Argentinian time.
Arnold and Gerald wanted to get to know more about the Argentinian culture and about their typical foods. They wanted to explore more.
Agustina and her sister took them to the city center to see Avenida 25 de Mayo, the obelisk and La Casa Rosada (the pink house) where the government stays.
One afternoon, they also went to the beautiful Puerto Madero, they had lunch by the river and they loved the place.
In addition to that, one afternoon they went to the Barrio Boca. Over there, they explored and got to know the real Argentinian culture about tango. They walked around the neighborhood and observed how people danced tango. That evening, they stayed in Barrio Boca until late. They went to a tango bar, where Arnold and Gerald got taught how to dance tango. They later danced with Catalina and Agustina.
Gerald really liked Catalina and Catalina started to like Gerald, but she didn't know that he liked her. While they were dancing tango, they stared at each other's eyes. Gerald was too scared to tell her, so they just kept dancing.
"I think they like each other!", Arnold told Agustina.
"I think so, too" Agustina smiled.
They both started giggling and they kept dancing. They got a bit tired, so they all went home after that.
By the time, Arnold and Gerald were getting familiar with Spanish. They could understand some of it and they could also speak some words.
It was a beautiful day, so after having lunch they went to the park near their house.
Gerald and Catalina kept on staring at each other. Catalina learnt some English during the time as well. She was teaching Gerald some Spanish and he was teaching her some English. They were talking and laughing and finally Gerald surprised Catalina with a kiss. After that, they started going out.
The days went past very fast. It was nearly the time to go home for Arnold and Gerald. They both didn't want to leave. They loved spending time with Agustina and Catalina. They were also so in love with Argentina, that they decided to stay a couple of months more.

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Luseane's Fanfic FINAL!! :)

LONELY HEARTS is based on a true story, two homicide detectives track Martha Beck and Raymond Martinez Fernandez, a murderous pair known as the "Lonely Hearts Killers" that seduced lonely, vulnerable women, milked them of their money and killed them in cold blood. My Fanfic is 1st person and is my own version of Martha Beck's thoughts leading up to her first kill.
Caution: Contains language that may offend some people.
Hope you Enjoy! :)

Sitting in the other room waiting for Raymond to finish banging the bitch is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. The thought of him deep inside another woman makes my head want to explode! Why did he ask her to marry him? What was so wrong with me that he couldn't give up the money for my love? She only just walked into our lives and here she is taking MY man, his love and MY attention. I knew the brother sister act was bullshit we should not have taken it this far I hate her! Who the hell does she think she is?  I've never been one to share and Raymond is definitely something I am not willing to give up without a fight.

"Say my name Raymond...Kitty Kat. Say my name one more time... Kitty Kat. Do you love me? Yes Kitty I love you" What the fuck? Frustration quickly turns to anger as I hear the name “Kitty Kat” being called out over and over again like a broken record. Every bone in my body begins to cringe at the fact that she already has Raymond and now my name. Oh I’m so fueled with anger I could easily punch a hole through this wall and be able to see them fucking, I don’t know her but I hate her and tonight she will die…

Random thoughts ran through my head as I played different scenes as to how she will suffer. Should I just walk in and beat her to death? No, I have to get rid of her without much effort! The faster she dies the better. And what better way to kill this annoying pest but with Raymond’s own chainsaw. Questions started rambling in my head like an unsolved puzzle. What if he doesn’t love you anymore Martha? Who will want you then? It’s either you or her! Who is it going to be? Do you think Raymond will want you? You have no money! NOTHING! Get rid of her before she gets rid of you Martha DO IT! DO IT! Creeping up slowly carrying this chainsaw and listening to the moans coming from the other room felt like nails being stabbed into my chest not physically but emotionally. Tears followed just as fast. How could he do this to me? He knows how I feel about this woman and yet he plays with my heart the way he plays this woman for her money. Well two can play at that game ray ray and you better enjoy it while you can because after tonight my every wish will be your every command.

Opening the door was like opening up hell in all its glory! The sight of her riding Raymond back and forth and enjoying it stunned me and I was caught up in watching Raymond caress her back while looking into her eyes telling her how much he loves her. My heart ached and longed for him to see me in this state but he couldn’t see me. He only had eyes for this whore! Holding on to the chainsaw tighter I walked up looking at her back like a lioness looking at her prey for the last time. And with eyes wide open I rammed the chainsaw back and forth through her back and at this time I was moving in motion with the chainsaw mirroring what I had just seen. Her blood splattered all over the wall, floor and our bodies. Slowly she moved and pulled out of the chainsaw and dropped besides Raymond. Teary eyed and angry I yelled while climbing on to the bed “do you enjoy playing with my heart like this?” the closer I got to Raymond the more terrified he looked. Shaking and scared shitless he answered; “I was just working” working? Am I supposed to believe that every woman he gets with and says he loves he’s just working with? Suddenly a smile broke through as I pushed the close to dead whore aside. The sound of her body hitting the floor and hearing her gasp for air somewhat aroused me and I wanted Raymond to satisfy this feeling right away. 

Here i sit ready to be loved but he can’t even bare to look at me. Did he not understand that I had done this for us? Doesn’t it prove to him that I’d kill for his love? The walls began to shrink and I could feel my head pound harder and faster. The only noise echoing the room was of Raymond’s heavy breathing. Just as I was about to leave I felt his hands pulling me closer followed by a kiss. This reassured me that he did appreciate my hard work. No longer was he afraid of what I had just done and this made me feel at ease. He pulled himself together and embraced my love.Grinding on him I could see the blood spatter on our clothes and faces but that only made the love making that much more wilder. The feeling of fucking while having someone elses blood on my body made my heart race quicker with excitement.

Raymond is another person tonight he has never touched me so fiercely before and I wasn’t about to let him stop!  Just the thought of having to move Janet’s body is the hassle! Even dead this bitch is ruining this for me. Oh well nobody will notice her disappearance she’s nothing but a waste of space.  This time tomorrow we will live happily ever after, well at least until next whore comes along….  

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Fan fiction summary

Romeo and Juliet- Another time, Another place

This fan-fiction has different background to the original Romeo and Juliet.
There is three main three differences. 
Firstly, tThe time setting is modern. The story happens in story is set in summer and it is told from in Juliet's perspectiveview.
Secondly, the characters are new. Romeo is Timmy and Juliet is the narrator (herthe name is not mentioned).
OnIn the one sunny day, she goes towent Slurpy and gets a strawberry special shake to chill her down.
The Slurpy is where the popular people go. Her best friend Nala was drinking ice tea.
The Tthird difference, which is the biggest difference, is the parents relationship between their parents.
Their parents want the narrator to be with Paul when she likes Timmy, unlike .
Whereas in Romeo and Juliet, where the parents disturb the
relationship between Romeo and Juliet.

Pokemon - How the Years Go By

This fan-fiction is based on Pokemon.
This is the time where about the Green and Yellow, the two rivals of pokemon fighters first met .
Different to the originalreal pokemon, the fighters are not rivals in this fan-fiction.
They arewere two young boys who get along withhad good friendship towards each other.
Doctor Oak, the starter of pokemon, wasis the neighbour to these boys.

To Love me as I am - Twilight

This fan-fiction is based on Twilight.
It is narrated tofrom Edward's point of view.
Edward and Bella loves each other even though Edward is a vampire who killsed people,
because he only killeds 'bad people'. She says that he is 'not a monster'.
Bella accepts Edward the wayas he is.
The story has a ends happilyhappily-ending, which is same as the original Twilight.

Snow white - dark snow

This fan-fiction is based on Snow White.
The title of the fiction, Dark Snow,name is the completely opposite of the original title, (Snow White).
In the original snow white, the main character baby wais pretty but in this fictionhere,
the baby snow white and she dies because she eats took juicy apples.
In the original storyone, the Snow Wwhtie takes took a bite of an apple but the prince saves her. It would have been better if this fan-fiction gave the opposite settings from the original,
the snow white can be totally dark skin colour just like the title  and be evil character bothering her
step mother.

Cinderella - Life_After_Wedding_Bells

This fan-fiction is based on Cinderella.
This is the story that tells you what happens after the ending of original 'Cinderella'.
The story is narrated by Cinderella narrates the story in here. She slipsped her shoeslipper inat her wedding just like in the original Cinderella.
In the original Cinderella, she slippeds her slipperhoe and that was how the prince found her.
She says the life after wedding was not always easy becauuase the prince was going to be with
the 'future king', and she has to serve her husband with 'gifts and pointless service'. Although However, she thinks that

Floyds Final Draft

I drank and drank in disbelief. The blood red wine like silk on the throat. I couldn't help feeling my skull. I know I did it. I blew my brains clear as day. Bullet ripped and fired my meat and flesh. I welcomed nothing. I welcomed peace. But here I sit with something. Am I not dead?. Are these torture tactics? Did I survive? Am I locked and secured with beady  eyes observing my every drink and breath?
 The room glow white released fear and opression into the brain. The room was alien and scentless. It was pure. I woke up here. I'd been here days now but I was well aware no time had passsed. This wasn't Europe or earth. Now you see there is an inclining as to my whereabouts but I am in no way going to admit it. To admit is to admit madness. To admit is to admit that I had invested in the wrong bank. My currency of feeling and action was all designed to overcome and control. But here I sit in everything the holy men had explained. Simplicity love and purity. Everything I burned to the ground and violently repelled.  If my location be true then so must the man.
 My name is Adolf Hitler and I am dead. Conciously dead. I remember dying. I remember nothing. Now this. The third stage. I woke from a dreamless sleep into a pure room. I was waiting. I had blood on my hands if not more. I slept in pools of invisible blood. It was all on me. I gave birth to the sin of the century. I bred bombs and barbed wire. I stole youthfull minds from parental love in exchange for killing ants. One by one they marched to the tune of my self created zombie disco. I was wicked beyond belief. I never believed. Untill now. People feared the soldiers. Soldiers feared the dictator. The dictators feared nothing. Ever. But I was about to meet the maker of nothing. The maker of everything. Nietsche was wrong God is far from dead. 
Tho I was alone I knew the interogation had begun. The holy light was questioning me. I questioned me. Like a worm in my heart the lord ate a feast. Death was joyous. Heaven was Hell.
Time had passed when I felt the sudden slither of breath touch the back of my neck. It came with a  raspy rattle  and an oxygen liquid lick on my spine. The shudder remained. "I am Jesus" whispered the snake voice. "I know". A white noise rang in my bones and began to vibrate through out to a point of intense internal burn. What was a whimper became a scream. What once was energised fell to the ground. My knees crushed onto the eternal mist. The agony electricuted through my vains and  bursting blood vessels , reducing my bones to a jelly substance. My hands ripped and walked away from me, dancing in front of my very eyes. My lungs squeezed threw the rib cage to slap my face like large steaks. My tears boiled on there lids. My whole system and structure was rearranging. As if Jesus was levitating my atoms like bricks into new buildings. The white noise grew louder and louder until my skull began to burst with flame and tremble like beaten dogs. Within a flash my entire body blew up. Flying threw the white mist I could see yet without eyes the slithers of meat, bits of bone wires of vein and sprays of blood flying out into all directions. I even saw my eyes fly past me. The pain had stopped now. All was peace. I was without a body. Yet conciouss. Floating away.  I no longer saw my hurtling remains. I just flew threw the white void.
 My concioussness gathered speed thru the mist until I saw the mist like a white floating planet. Perfectly spherical. Humming thru space. Out of the white and into the black. Nothing. Black. Void. Silhouettes appeared like vague rainbow waterfalls pouring thru random pours of space. Contained in this sacred treacle were my scared memories. Within the colours I could make out my beautiful mother. A flash of my wife Eva stroking my hair. My dog. The first human I ever made smile. The first girl I ever stared at unaware of love.  The sadness was unbearable. Friends long gone. Within the water were diffrent outcomes of what I could of been. I wish I could jump into them with a splash and start again. "I'm sorry". The rainbow waterfalls faded away and I returned to the empty hum of space. 
I floated and thought for a while untill my consciousness landed with a thud onto another planet. My essence curled round it like a pancake on a stick. It came as a surprise as I had stared out into vast space for millenniums. Yet still no time had passed. The void I realised was but a Yogi playground with vast outcomes and possibilities. Out of nothing came something. I realised threw the silence that not only had I been wicked. But also I had been a fool. Dumb almost. There was no such thing as ruling over anything. I was already the void. Born of it like cosmic mother. I am cosmic son. I burned the very fabrics of my being. Torched the hand that made me.I insisted on separation. Of dominance. How the void must laugh. How futile and stupid my statues stand. My documents and manifestos will blow in the wind and burn in the sun.  I rested on spitting black rock  and liquid lava that roared like the volcanoes around me. My essence began to wilt like a flower. My body had gone and now my soul was to burn. Hell had roared and consumed many a man. Never to return. The ultimate end. My soul burned slowly letting me feel. Memories and opinions turned to smoke. My ideals began to vanquish. Before the last pettle burnt out the rainbow silhoutte returned this time encompassing the entire sky of the planet. Within the waves a million eyes glared like a jury. They watched my last moments. They will never have last moments. Their essence was granted immortality. The eyes of children, women and men all stared at peace. My last piece of soul began to boil and within its steam I evaporated from all that I'd ever known. I never was or would be.