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Wally's 5 FanFic summaries

Family Guy: Soul Mate

Families will have to tighten their belt in times of hardship, especially when it is a big family like the Griffins. While the grown up are struggling to meet the basic standard of living, Stewie was able to live in life of luxury. How is he paying for it? Brian being the understanding and nosy dog, has sniffed his way to Stewie secret income source and was surprised pleasantly and unpleasantly. Animals are men’s best friend and sometimes understand their host better than anyone in the world, like Brian will discover Stewie’s secret like no Griffins ever will.
This fan fiction was written in almost identical style as the original authors and directors of Family Guy, so as a result the story line and characters’ speech was predictable and unsurprising. The ending of this fan fiction gave reader then feeling that this author had ran out of ideas and couldn’t come up with something else better to write, so just finishes the fan fiction in the easiest way he could. The fact that the ending doesn’t entail the story was really disappointing for any fan of Family Guy.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Futurama: New New York, December 31st 2999

Leela is a typical workaholic. She is also cautious and anti-social on top of that. Because the only entertainment she has is to drink till she is unconscious. She alone, out of everyone else in the company, could not find happiness nor true love. On the New Years Eve 2999, Leela finally made the choice to break the curse of staying at home and getting drunk every single night. She decided to go and have a party night out with all the strangers of New New York. Due to the fact that she has never done this before, she couldn't find one piece of proper dress or make-ups which she think suits the occasion. Will Leela be able to have a good time for once? Or will she just stay home like any other days with alcohol with tears?
This fan fiction is written in a dreadfully boring way, and to put the cherry on top, this piece of work is awfully long and painful to read. This particular piece of fan fiction doe not seem like a fan fiction at all, instead it is more like the author wanting to complain about the world and her own life through writing the story of Leela, the loner. In conclusion, I did not enjoy reading this piece of work one bit, and I don't think it is a good piece of fan fiction at all.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Samurai: Duty

The Emperor of Japan decided to introduce the western warfare managerial system and technology, and all the troops under the Emperor will be assigned to trainings conducted by western military generals. Ms Hasegawa is assigned to the generals for translating purposes. She is the finest out of all the translators available. Her father and grandfather are both in the Japanese military, and she is able to speak German and French on top of Japanese and English. However due to the fact that she is a female, she was not respected by some of the generals. This shows the sexist culture back in olden days.

The author wrote this fan fiction from a different perspective to the original movie. The movie focused on the Shogun (warlords) and samurais, whereas this fan fiction focuses on the new government's military. From changing the perspective to the new government's military I was able to understand more about the situation in Japan back in the days, and got me more interested in reading this fan fiction. The format was very simple. Quote of speech was frequently used, which makes it a lot easier for me to read.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- X-Man: Don't tempt fire, or get burnt

The archenemy of the x-men, Erik also known as Magneto, was once an innocent kid, but not just an ordinary kid. Erik is a kid with power to control metal. He was captured by the German army for researches on mutant's power. Captured along with him is Emilia. She has the power to make and control fire in her hand. The Germans wanted to use these special powers as a military weapon against the American and English army. Read to see how Emilia and Erik bonded true friendship and assisted each other during the torment of the Germans.

I really enjoyed reading this fan faction as it is easy to read, and the format was composed in a manner which really encourages me to read on and find out what will happen next. Magneto is always the wise and powerful one, so it is really interesting to see how he was once helpless like normal people.
Ratatouille: Life is decicious

This is the story of the next generation. Linguini and Colette have a daughter called Reneta, and Remy the rat chef have passed away, but he did have some offsprings that also can cook. Not only they can cook, they can also read and write. The story goes on, but in the hands of the second generation. Reneta is learning how to cook, and hope one day can become a great chef like his father Linguine, well maybe not his father, but Remy the rat chef. Remy's seven kids and Colette are all help Reneta hoping one day she can too become a great chef and have a place in the industry in France. Read to see how they make this dream a reality.

The fan fiction was written in a simple manner, nothing bad but nothing too good. The story line started good with Remy passed away, and there is now seven rat chefs. Other than that the story did not have much surprising components in it, and everything was quite predictable. It is a good piece of writing, but just that I personally prefers something that can surprise me more.


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Love Potion, a Hey Arnold! Fan Fiction

This fan fiction is a new episode from Hey Arnold!, the cartoon. In this episode, Helga drunk a love potion, which made her forget all her feelings for Arnold. When Helga drunk the love potion, her feelings for Arnold were gone. Arnold was very concerned about her not making fun of him, so he invited her for a picnic to find out what was going on. At the end, Helga never told her about the love potion, but they became very good friends.

I found this fan fiction's episode of Hey Arnold quite amusing. I actually liked the way that the episode was described. It made me feel as I was watching a new Hey Arnold episode. I liked it, because Helga was finally being nice to Arnold. It was well written and well described. I wanted to read more.

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Simon's 5 fiction summaries

This is a Japanese manga story about a delinquent high school boy by chance pick up a baby whom is the heir to the demon world and was sent by the Demon Lord to destroy humanity. Its successful "father" have to be the strongest, vicious man who think nothing about his fellow. However, Oga Tatsumi (the protagonist) act on his own accord and never hold back to protect his friends. A lot of misunderstanding happened in the original manga but this fan fiction portrait the similar story with the addition character Satoshi Kaito, Oga's girl-friend. 

In my opinion, this fan fiction is interesting in general. The down side is the author the plot is similar to the main plot so it is a bit distracting as we all know what going to happen next. It also that as the author use the first person narrative, he should have be able to express the feeling of the "additional" protagonist. He totally ignored how he can make use of her feelings about her boyfriend getting a child which isnt hers to begin with and messed up with the order of things happened as Kaito did not even give any strong expression about Oga having a Demon Lord baby while the group first meeting with Hilda the care-giver occur after they get home from school. Well, this lead to other confusions as well as you read on.

It was the hopelessness she felt that time. When she was kidnapped, when she was apart from her precious crewmates. Fear by the inhuman character of those dirty pirates, hopelessly waited for her crewmates to rescue her, She had lost all the hope… until one day, the Mugiwara came and rescued her from those monsterous pirates. What will the Mugiwara do, when they saw how much their friend was hurted, especially the captain, Luffy? Will Nami able to regain her health, healed mentally and finally forget about the nightmares she had? Join the Mugiwara to feel the sadness, the trouble that the crew had went through, and how they worried about their navigator… all the love, friendship are wrapped inside this story.

Overall, this is a very good story. When you read it, through the way the author write, you can feel, see the events, just like you are one of the characters. The way she wrote about  what the bad pirates had done to Nami, how the Mugiwara felt when they treated Nami’s wounds seems really realistic-like. It feels like the story is real in front of your eyes. She knows how to use the vocabulary she has, and also her grammar is good. However, the downside is it is a bit dark 
theme that appeal to those who like the gore, like the author mentioned.

Facebook is everywhere! Everyone has their own Facebook. Heck, even the mages of Fairy Tail use Facebook. So what are you waiting for? Join this Fairy Tail Facebook fanfiction to know more about our favorite character, what they wrote on their wall and other fantasy activities!

This is a fun fanfic which gives us reader a view of the character, their personality and their friendship. It’s really is unique, but interesting and it can make you want to read the new chapter as soon as you finished the latest one. Although the author doesn’t give her fanfic a plot, but with a great sense of humor, she has done a really good job in her fiction

Everyone want to play outside, in the sunlight of Summer. Summer is here! but what will you do when your partner decide to sleepin, instead of hanging out with you? well, our cute and playful Night Fury has his own way to make his friend get out of his bed and play with him.

This is a cute fan fiction which shows one normal but fun morning with Toothless. The plot is simple but interesting. The author had good grammar and idea. Even though the fiction gives us a warm feeling of how close those two is, the way the author describe Toothlesss action is not satisfactorily. In my opinion, the author should tell more about Toothless's expression as he was doing his playful attack.

Sam Witwicky had a normal life, untill him meeting BumbleBee, and the rest Autobots, including Optimus Prime and has a really important role in saving the world from the evil Decepticons.  His life changed. And this fiction is about how his life had changed. . Let's see how Sam live with his Autobot friends.

Funny, interesting and full of friendship moments, it's a good and heart-warming *dunno how to describe this LOL* fanfiction.The way the author potray the character is awesome. She/he did a great job in transfer their emotions, their thought, their feelings to the reader. The grammar is fine, with good vocabulary combined, he/she has created a humorous fan fiction worth reading.

Nadine's 5 Fan Fiction Links

The Notebook II
This fan fiction is about Lucy. Allie's and Noah's granddaughter from the novel The Notebook. Lucy was flying to New York for approaching her dream of being an actress. Her grandparents have already died four years ago, but they left her a picture with something written in the back of it and an empty notebook. The picture was a message from her grandparents telling her to write on that notebook, which later would become a memory, just like they did. So Lucy started writing on it.

I found this fan fiction quite interesting, because as soon as I started reading it I really got into it. It was a short story and it finished quite quickly, but I wanted to read more. There were some spelling and grammar mistakes in it. However, it was a nice fan fiction.

Love Potion, a Hey Arnold! Fan Fiction

This fan fiction is a new episode from Hey Arnold!, the cartoon. In this episode, Helga drunk a love potion, which made her forget all her feelings for Arnold. When Helga drunk the love potion, her feelings for Arnold were gone. Arnold was very concerned about her not making fun of him, so he invited her for a picnic to find out what was going on. At the end, Helga never told her about the love potion, but they became very good friends.

I found this fan fiction's episode of Hey Arnold quite amusing. I actually liked the way that the episode was described. It made me feel as I was watching a new Hey Arnold episode. I liked it, because Helga was finally being nice to Arnold. It was well written and well described. I wanted to read more.

Mud slugs is a Rugrats fan fiction. This fan fiction is aboutthe twins Lil and Phil grown up. Phil falls in love with a girl. They then broke up, because the girl just made a bet with her friends as Phil was just a "mud slug".Lil suddenly finds out about Phil's problem and she does her best to make her brother feel better. After a long conversation, Lil made Phil understand that he wasn't a "mud slug". The day after, they both took revenge of the girl.

I thought that this fan fiction was well written. It made me feel like I was just watching a new Rugrat's episode. There were some spelling and grammar mistakes, but it was hard to realize. I found that this fan fiction had a message to people. The message was that brothers and sisters can always we there for you. I really appreciated this message, because it makes readers think about their siblings. Overall it was a fun story.

Catch is a fan fiction about Glee, the TV show. The fan fiction's setting is four years after Quinn had her daughter. This time, Quinn decided to keep her daughter instead of giving her away. Quinn was already 21 when her daughter was 4 years old. Quinn had brought up her daughter all by herself for the past four years. One day, Finn, Claire's dad finally showed up. Quinn got very upset that he didn't show up before. After thinking for a long time, Quinn forgave Finn and Claire finally got to meet her dad.

This fan fiction was quite interesting, as I never thought about what could have happened if Quinn kept her daughter. Overall, I enjoyed this fan fiction. Although the end was going to be obvious, I found that this fan fiction sounded quite real. The end didn't seem real, but the beginning of the story did. I liked the way the writer wrote it, because she made the story interesting, rather than boring.


Conversations is a fan fiction based on the television program Brothers and Sisters. Kevin is living with Kitty, because him and Scotty have had a big argument about Scotty. Scotty still loved Kevin and Kevin still loved Scotty, but Kevin was hurt by Scotty and he didn't want to talk or to hear about Scotty for a while. So Scotty rang Kitty up to have a conversation about her. Scotty just wanted to know how Kevin was doing, but Kitty didn't know much about how he was feeling, because she hasn't talked to Kevin about it. After a big conversation, Scotty and Kitty agreed that he would talk to him.

I liked this fan fiction, it really seemed like a part of a Brothers and Sisters episode. I wanted to keep on reading more. I was curious to read if Kevin and Scotty would get back together. I liked the way the conversation was written, because it was clear and it actually sounded as the real actors would be talking. Overall, I found this fan fiction very interesting. There were some spelling errors and also grammar mistakes, but it was possible to read the story.

Nadine's Fanfiction Draft

Arnold and Gerald Travel to South America

Hey Arnold is a Nickelodeon cartoon about a football- headed boy of around 12 years old. He lives with his grandparents in he city and goes to school and hangs around with Gerald (his best friend), Helga (who's secretly in love with him) and with his other friends.

Arnold and Gerald are now grown up. They have just graduated from high school.
These two best friends, have been planning to go on a trip after graduating to visit their exchange student friend from Argentina.
The time has finally come and they were leaving in three hours.
"Are you ready Arnold?", Gerald asked his friend.
Arnold was very excited at that moment. He couldn't believe it that they were finally going to visit their friend Agustina and he was very happy for traveling too. Arnold was travelling in his own thoughts, and he didn't hear Gerald.
"Arnold! Are you ready?" Gerald asked again.
"Yes! I'm so excited, this is going to be an awesome trip!"Arnold said.

So they made their way to the airport to catch their plane.
After a 12 hour flight, they finally got to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Agustina was waiting for them at the airport with her sister Catalina. They both were very anxious to see Arnold and Gerald, because Agustina has talked about them all the time and Catalina has always wanted to meet them.

Arnold and Gerald finally came out off the door! Agustina and Catalina ran up to them, they were very happy to see them!
Agustina and Catalina hugged them and kissed them on the cheek as every Argentinian does. Arnold and Gerald found it quite strange.
"This is my sister Catalina" Agustina said.
"Hello!" Both Arnold and Gerald looked at Catalina, but Catalina wasn't saying anything. So, Agustina told them that Catalina didn't speak English. "Oh, Hola!" Gerald exclaimed with his English accent.
Catalina smiled and answered, "Hola!"
So, they went to Agustina's house, which was in a neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
It was 10am in Buenos Aires, and there were big traffic jams on the road.
Agustina explained to them that Buenos Aires was a very busy city and that there are traffic jams all of the time.
It was strange for Arnold and Gerald to see so many cars on the road, because they came from a small town and now they were in a big city.
Agustina explained "Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, but you have to be careful sometimes, because it can get dangerous during the night time".
"Yes, it's a beautiful city Agustina! We are going to try to be careful at all times", Arnold responded.
"But don't worry guys, because I'm on holidays now, so I'm going to be with you most of the time"Agustina said.
Gerald was too busy staring at Catalina, he couldn't believe how pretty she looked.
Arnold gave him a little kick, for him to react and he finally stopped staring at Catalina.
They finally got to the house.
After a few days, Arnold and Gerald have adapted to their friends lifestyles. They have met Agustina's family and a few of her friends. They have rested and they were now used to the Argentinian time.
Arnold and Gerald wanted to get to know more about the Argentinian culture and about their typical foods. They wanted to explore more.
Agustina and her sister took them to the city center to see Avenida 25 de Mayo, the obelisk and La Casa Rosada (the pink house) where the government stays.
One afternoon, they also went to the beautiful Puerto Madero, they had lunch by the river and they loved the place.
In addition to that, one afternoon they went to the Barrio Boca. Over there, they explored and got to know the real Argentinian culture about tango. They walked around the neighborhood and observed how people danced tango. That evening, they stayed in Barrio Boca until late. They went to a tango bar, where Arnold and Gerald got taught how to dance tango. They later danced with Catalina and Agustina.
Gerald really liked Catalina and Catalina started to like Gerald, but she didn't know that he liked her. While they were dancing tango, they stared at each other's eyes. Gerald was too scared to tell her, so they just kept dancing.
"I think they like each other!", Arnold told Agustina.
"I think so, too" Agustina smiled.
They both started giggling and they kept dancing. They got a bit tired, so they all went home after that.
By the time, Arnold and Gerald were getting familiar with Spanish. They could understand some of it and they could also speak some words.
It was a beautiful day, so after having lunch they went to the park near their house.
Gerald and Catalina kept on staring at each other. Catalina learnt some English during the time as well. She was teaching Gerald some Spanish and he was teaching her some English. They were talking and laughing and finally Gerald surprised Catalina with a kiss. After that, they started going out.
The days went past very fast. It was nearly the time to go home for Arnold and Gerald. They both didn't want to leave. They loved spending time with Agustina and Catalina. They were also so in love with Argentina, that they decided to stay a couple of months more.

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Floyds 5 Fan Fiction Links And Summaries.

Jesus and Judas
Deliverance..Richard Hawkins (atheist) goes to Heaven
Hitler Vs Moses

1. Hitler vs Superman Summary

This fan fiction starts with Clarke Kent reporting to the Daily Planet as a journalist in Germany. He is following a group of American soldiers in the final days of the war. Clarke ponders whether he should bring a quick end to the war by using his powers to locate and kill Hitler himself. He feels this may be to risky as he was Americas secret weapon and Hitler was rather cunning. He believes Adolf may very well know of his weakness Kryptonite. After becoming stressed trying to write an article in a tent with downpour rain he recieves word that the troops were to move forward. To Berlin the location of Hitlers whereabouts. On the journey to Berlin he makes conversation with a fellow American troop. Discussing their home towns and radios. When the men arrive at there destination they pitch tents. The author then emphasizes Clarkes hate of the rain. Clarke then continues to write his article but is soon interupted by voices. It become clear the voices are coming from beneath him from some sort of secret base. He for the first time rips his shirt apart revealing his true super nature. He then using his super power begins to punch threw the ground like a drill till he reaches the base with soldiers firing randomly at him. Superman then manages to locate Adolf Hitler. Hitler tells him that they both are actually quite similar both belonging to super races with Hitler refering to the nazis idealisation of the Aryan super race. Hitler then reveals he has a secret weapon "the sword of destiny". Superman at first shocked and then doubtfull calls Hitlers bluff and throws him against the wall leaving him for death or capture from the American troops.

I did enjoy this piece of fanzine the title tho nothing imaginative did capture my imagination. Superman vs Hitler. Wow. Two iconic figures go head to head. Superman for justice strength, his bold colours of red blue and yellow contrast perfectly with Hitlers sense of evil and intelligence with his dull brown uniform colours. I liked how Clarke was involved as a journalist giving extra reason as to why he would be there it strengthed my belief in the fan fiction. I was let down by the ending of the fan fiction. But only because I got way ahead of myself. When Hitler mentioned he to was part of a superior race my brain got images of hitler to coming from outer space and having super powers. Imagine the two battling out in the sky now that would of been a climax. Instead I was left with the anti climax of a bluff called and a wall broken. Good Fan fiction, well written with good dialogue. Sadly an anti climax that had great potential.

2. The Night I Saw The Messiah Born

This piece of fan fiction details from a first person point of view a girl working for the Inn cooking and serving food. After a hard day she is about to fall asleep when there come a knock on the door. Upon answering she sees a young couple the lady of the two being pregnant. She feels depressed as she knows why they have come and she knows the answer she has for them, "we're full". After the man pleads for his wife to stay the narrators "Abba" (which I took for her father) asks whom is at the door. The man (Joseph) begins to plead with her Abba. As it looks like the Abba is about to turn away the pregnant women (Mary) gives out a scream. The Abba agrees to take them to his stable by the hillside. The narrator acts as a midwife and his the one to first hold the baby. Mary then names the child Jesus. After a silence three shepherds appear at first the narrator is confused and believes the shepherds bring danger to the family. This proves not to be the case and the shepherds recount their tale of Angels giving information on the messiah being born and how they came to find baby Jesus. When the shepherds leave  the narrator confronts Mary and asks if she believes her son to be the messiah, she does and recounts the tale of an angel visiting her and how she still was only a virgin. The narrator is in awe and believes the child also to be the Messiah. It ends with her saying she wasnt there for his death but heard of it and that she is forever thankful to Jesus.

I very much enjoyed this piece of Fan Fiction. It was like taking a film your most familiar with but changing the camera shot for every scene. A different take on one of the worlds most familiar and popular story. I thought the first person narrative was clever as it gave emotion depth and detail to the piece. I never considered the midwife or the first hands to touch the son of gods head but to have it shown to me was powerfull. I enjoyed how it ends with her explaining she had heard of his death and was thankfull not to have seen. To hear of someones death in those times is a sign of that persons popularity and importance thus emphasising the greatness of her tale. It ends with her revealing indirectly  that she is now an older woman retelling the story which put me in an almost grandchild situation. Looking up and letting my grandmother tell her great tale which although joyous would carry much emotional baggage for her. I enjoyed this piece of Fan Fiction through out.

3. Deliverance ( Richard Hawkins goes to Heaven)

This piece of Fan Fiction begins with Richard Hawkins ending his speech at the vatican debate on religion. His last words on stage are "God most likely does not exist". We are then told of the upset he has caused amongst the onlooking pope and cardinal. A stranger from the crowd shouts aloud his angry views toward Dawkins. Not long after a vatican van slams into Dawkins killing him. We are told the killer was never caught and the case is closed. Leaving followers and skeptics to mourn a mans death. Meanwhile Dawkins wakes up in heaven and is greeted by a servant of god. For a while Dawkins believes he is merely dreaming and tries to wake up. After Saint Peter reveals to him that this was no dream but Heaven, Dawkins breaks down and cries. After an arguement with St Peter, God appears and begins to speak to Dawkins. Dawkins tho now a believer in God defies him and is sent to Hell. There is now a complete change in scene with Fred Felps (notorious christian leader and eldest of americas most hated family) explaining how Dawkins is now in hell. Then once again another change in scenery is introduced with "Meanwhile , in another dimensional..."  Dawkins now awakes in hell only to find it a perfect paradise. He is met by a woman named Lucy whom explains how God is a liar and oppressive that Hell is paradise and to accept entry into Heaven is to become enslaved. Dawkins and Lucy then begin driving around in a porsche on the sunny coastline. Dawkins then comes to realise that Lucy is actually Lucifer (Satan, the Devil) although the Lucifer was not evil at all. It appears Dawkins is smitten and the tale ends with Dawkins asking her to recount her tale.

I enjoyed many aspects of this piece but was also confused with aspects of dialogue and the nature of the character the writer was trying to create i.e " Cardinal Razzing was really fuckin' pissed off". I cannot fathom a Cardinal being "fuckin' pissed off" was very off key like a smudge on a painting. I also couldnt understand why the writer called him "Gawkins" instead of his real name "Hawkins" was it for copyright? A mistake? Or a putdown. The author should of explained the Elephant in the room. At first when he arrived in heaven and spoke with god i felt almost embarrasssed (although later proved relevant) for the writer. His portrayal of God ( at the time) seemed cliche and unimaginative almost like a nastier version of the god portrayed in The Simpsons. The story then randomly changes to Fred Felps giving a hateful speech on Dawkins death which I found irrelevant and distracting to the flow. All that aside I loved the twist in the portrayal of Hell as paradise and the explanation as to why the God was nastier than I would of percieved. Also I maybe slow but Lucy as Lucifer came as a surprise to me. All in all a good story with some great twists tho sadly ruined by Irrelevancy and cliche.

4.  Moses Vs Hitler

The story starts with Germany losing the war and hitler escaping threw a time machine, deciding to go back in time three thousand years to Egypt. It then clips to Moses speaking with to what he thinks is a Pharoeph only for the man to reveal himself as Hitler and they begin boxing. Moses then kung fu kicks Hitler leaving him for dead...or so he thinks. Moses then begins to read the ten commandments when Hitler appears claiming satan saved him in space. Satan then  throws an astroid on Moses head only for God to create a force field around him. The battle continues with neither winning. Then Batman appears in the Back To the Future car and saves Moses. Only for Moses and Batman to start an emotional relationship. Which God stops saying its against his commandments. They both then go on to live religious lives.

Ok. This Fan Fiction is terribly written. Terribly thought out and towards the end quite offensive. No explanation as why Hitler would go back three thousand years. Why Moses knows Kung Fu. I know Fan Fiction is all go within your limitless imagination but I personally would of prefered if Moses had returned from his travels and learnt secret martial art knowledge. Although not true I prefer a background and reason to the imagination and what makes the movement of mind tick. The ending is a complete copout MMMMMM yeah then Batman appeared, well how conveniant. Then to go on to explain how they tried to have a sexual relationship. I found this offensive not because it was but because it tried to be. Well how controversial when in fact it was boring and irrelevant. In a one word summary "Meh".

 5. Jesus and Judas

The Fan Fiction begins with Jesus telling Judas to go and speak with his potential imprisoners. To go and tell them everything they want to know. Judas agrees. On arrival the imprisoners request money Judas has none for them so they beat him. They then say that they will drop the debt and even pay him if he hands Jesus over to them. Judas returns to Jesus and tells him he has no intention of going back. Jesus argues his claiming " we must pay them back". Judas then reveals to the imprisoners of the whereabouts of Jesus. That night God visits Judas in a dream not with hate but with love. There is no resentment on either behalf. Judas then goes to see Jesus after promising not too. The imprisoners arrive and Judas demands they leave him alone. Jesus informs Judas that everything is ok and to let it happen. After learning that Jesus will be killed Judas once again cares not for the promises made and insults and curses the public for there hate and foolishness. After Jesus death Judas sees Jesus and Jesus informs him that he did the greatest of sins in cursing the people. That those who killed him acted out of order not hate where as his words where of passion and hate. Judas asks him what to do to which Jesus replys "love them (them being the execution onlookers) with all your heart".

I found this piece of fan fiction quite dull and boring a complete contrast to the wildness of the Moses Vs
Hitler tale. Not much Imagination with Characters and events  more an emphasis on the authors love of Jesus. The author explains how Harry Potter and Proffesor Snape's relationship was the basis of the Jesus and Judas relationship but although yes I can see it, it is only at a long stretch of my imagination. The story has no build up or tension whatsoever. The only thing changed is instead of Judas being seen as a villain he becomes a passionate if not mis guided follower. Not even a great follower not even a contrast to the original if anything his character becomes mild and bland. I believe Fan Fiction should be passionate and get the imagination going into a world in its own layout but how you see it. Your own twisted colourful version off events influenced by your influences and passions. You must have something to add but sadly this does nothing but detract from the original. All in all quite bland and forgettable.            

Luseane's 5 Fan Fiction Links! :)

Friendship An Unlikely Love Story!!

This Fanfic is about a human girl named Mari whos had a tough upbringing and wants to escape and disappear and somehow she ends up in Whoville. Immediately she meets a boy named Brandon and befriends him.. Brandon takes him to the Mayors house where she meets the family but takes an interest in Jojo (The mayors only son). Even though shes in a whole new place where the residents look nothing like her she finds herself adapting and liking this new enviroment. Through this encounter her new friendships with Brandon and Jojo quickly become a roller coaster ride with different adventures everyday! even to the point where Maris life is at stake!!

I had found this fanfic to be very interesting, but it was dragged along too much. The author needed to get to the point in some of her chapters. Un-neccesary things were written that didn't need to be there. Other than that great plot and story line because it does leave you clicking next chapter just to see what will happen to Mari, Jojo and Brandon!

A Sudden Revelation

In this Kite Runner Fanfic the author portrays what Hassan ( A Hazara servant) was thinking after he was raped by Assef ( a notorious sociopath) and his posses because they wanted the Kite that determined who one the contest. Through this Hassans thoughts as to why his "master/bestfriend" Amir won't talk to him occur as they go through their daily routine but he senses his friends distance as the things they use to do are not as fun as they use to be.. In the end Hassan figures out the reason why Amir won't talk or look at him the same way as before is because he was there and witnessed the suffering he went through just for him.

Overall, I found myself reading this fanfic without blinking. The author didn't add anything new to the storyline which was good but gave us an insight into what Hassans feelings and thoughts were as he was the one who went through the traumatic experience and yet his friend was the one acting weird. Shows how you do anything for someone you love and expect things to remain the same as they were but its not always the case.

This Fanfic is about Morticia having a dream where she takes the role of being a Banker and Gomez plays her boss. On here she leads the life of a boring woman who does not like what she does and finds herself longing for more and at the end of the dream finds herself making love with her boss..Later on she wakes up to find herself moaning and her husband watching her as she sleeps which turns him on and they do what they do best which is make love with one another..

I found this fanfic to be really interesting and amusing. I liked how Morticia wakes up from her dream and I for one didn't figure it out until her husband wakes her up and says she's dreaming. And also all the similies the writer uses to catch the readers attention was great! Loved reading and getting to know a little more into maybe why Morticia and Gomez are infatuated with eachother and no one else. Def. one of my favourites i have read so far.

He Bats For The Other Team!

Well for those who have seen the Movie Burlesque yous would know that the owner of the Burlesque club is Tess (Cher). In this fanfic the writer writes about Tess being pregnant but not to her on and off again boyfriend Vince but to her GAY bestfriend Sean! through a one-night stand they have a baby which Tess keeps the secret of who the babies father really is from everyone including Sean. The night they find out what the sex of the baby is Tess finds herself in a car accident and they lose their child. Things quickly go back to normal with Vince not being there for her and the only thing she has is Sean and her club.

This was really good to read it had me wanting to read more. At the beginning i thought the writer was just re-writing the movie but that was her twist in the scene the girl gets pregnant and Tess feels sorry for is the irony to Tess getting pregnant later on! Through this fanfic you read and feel the emotions a woman goes through when having a child and carrying a secret around with you.It goes to show when you think things have changed and people have changed also in times of need the're the ones who let you down. Somethings are better left unsaid but then again that is not always the case. Makes you just wish your gay bestfriend was the one who was straight so it saves you the time you waste on searching hehe.

Your Beautiful!

Grease!! This Fanfic is about Sandy after her make-over with Rizzo and the girls to try and get her to fit in. Even though she looked like she belonged with her boyfriend  "danny" and their mates it was not what Danny wanted from his girlfriend. In this he explains to her that this is not what he wants, the girl he fell inlove with on the beach is what he really wants and loves not the dolled up barbie who has a frisky side to her hehe.

This fanfic started off pretty good! But near the end i kind of lost interest in reading it because it seemed like the writer had lost ideas and i was reading another boring ending of a happily ever after childrens book. Liked how in Dannys room she wrote another side to Sandy that we would never thought we'd see like allowing Danny to touch her and she do it back to him. Overall was a so so fanfic not boring enough to skim read but good enough to read to the end! Great attempt. :)

Floyds fan fiction draft

I drank and drank in disbelief. The blood red wine like silk on the throat. I couldnt help feeling my skull. I know I did it. I blew my brains clear as day. Bullet ripped and fired my meat and flesh. I welcomed nothing I welcomed peace. But here i sit with something. Am I not dead?. Are these torture tactics? Did I survive? Am I locked and secured with beady  eyes observing my every drink and breath? The room glow white released fear and opression into the brain. The room was alien and scentless. It was pure. I woke up here. Id been here days now but I was well aware no time had passsed. This wasnt Europe or earth. Now you see there is an inclining as to my whereabouts but I am in no way going to admit it. To admit is to admit madness. To admit is to admit that I had invested in the wrong bank. My currency of feeling and action was all designed to overcome and control. But here I sit in everything the holy men had explained. Everything I burned to the ground and violently repelled.  If my location be true then so must the man. My name is Adolf Hitler and I am dead. Conciously dead. I remember dieing. I remember nothing. Now this. The third stage. I woke from a dreamless sleep into a pure room. I was waiting alright. I had blood on my hands if not more. I slept in pools of invisible blood. It was all on me. I gave birth to the sin of the century. I bred bombs and barbed wire. I stole youthfull minds from parental love in exchange for killing ants one by one they marched to the tune of my self created zombie disco. I was wicked beyond belief. I never believed. Untill now. People feared the soldiers. Soldiers feared the dictator. The dictators feared nothing. Ever. But I was about to meet the maker of nothing. The maker of everything. Nietsche was wrong God is far from dead. Tho I was alone I knew the interogation had begun. The holy light was questioning me. I questioned me. Like a worm in my heart the lord ate a feast. Death was joyous. Heaven was Hell.

Wally's Fan Fiction Final - Peace before the storm

It has been twenty five years since the battle in Italy with Volturi, the vampire coven. The battle started with the Volturi high councilors decided that vampires are of most noble blood, and werewolves are to be eliminated from the face of the world because they are the only creature strong enough to endanger the place of the Vampires in the world.

The battle between the werewolves and the Volturis was fought long and hard. Sacrifice was pain was inevitable. My mother's ex-husband, Edward Cullen, was killed in the battle with three most powerful Volturi councilors, along with his father and brothers. Their sacrifice was not for nothing. They gave my father, Jack Black, the perfect opportunity to give the Volturi councilors the final and lethal strike. The reign of Volturi was put to a stop, and a new council was formed to enfure peaceful co-existance between the humans, werewolves and vampires.

The council was run by twelve councilors. The Councilors are of four humans, four werewolves and four vampires. My mother, Isabella Swan the vampire, and my father, Jacob Black the werewolf, are both one of the twelve high councilors. As for me, I am half vampire and half werewolf. The council calls me "the hybrid".

I am the only one in the world with both vampire and werewold blood in me. When I am in human form, unlike vampires my skin would not react to sunlight, but I still have unbelievable speed and agility even for vampires. The werewolf blood in me gives me the ability to shape shift into a wolf, franting my incrediable strength. The council believed that I am the perfect ambassador to close the gap between the vampires and werewolves.

Ensuring peace is the council's utmost priority, and everyone thought the days of killing and suffering were over, and the would is now a better place with all three races working together to create a harmonic society for each other. Now that we look back, we realise how naive we were. The peaceful years was nothing but the peace before the storm. It was thought that all of the Volturis were killed in the battle twenty five years ago. How wonderful would that have been if that was the case...

Recently scouts reported that village people around Italy were disappearing. The council sent more teams of scout to Italy to investigate. All of the teams that got sent to Italy disappeared withour a trae except for one, my father's elite force. My father's team encountered waves of ambushes led by a red haired woman called Victoria. The elite force suffered great loss, half of the team members were killed mercilessly. However they did bring back one captive with them, and the council then realized how wrong they were.

The captive was interrogated by my father, without the council's approval.

"Speak!" my father yelled.

"Who are you and why did you attack us?"

The captive didn't speak a word. My father angrily tore his left arm off and shouted "Speak now captive or I will tear you off limb by limb!"

The captive seems did not feel any pain at all and said "You fool! You and your council have no idea. I am not a captive, I am a messenger of the new Volturi council. You didn't capture me. I walked into you. If the Volturi council wished, our growing army of new borns can eliminate your so called elite force in a blink."

"The newborns!? So all the village people disappearing were of your doing?" my father asked.

"Like I told you. I am only a messenger. My name is Cecil." he said with a grin on this face.

"What message do you have for us?" my father tried to be calm and asked.

"The high council of Volturi wants to pass on their regards to the remaining Cullen family members, and all the vampire traitors. Your betrayal will not be forgotten, and you shall all be rewarded with painful death."

My father couldn't control himself, he screamed and tore off Cecil's other arm.

"I hope you realised by now that I feel no pain, and I am ONLY a messenger."

Cecil smiled and continued "As for Ms Isabella Swan. A special message from Victoria. She said she will make sure Ms Swan lives to see all her beloved ones die one by one, slowly, just like she watched James died before."

My father listened but has tightened up his fist.

"As for all the humans and werewolves, the Volturi council has graciously decided to let you all live, with your promise that you will see Volturi council as your only master. Unfortunately for the mix blooded mongrel, he will have to be executed to ensure purity of the vampire blood. Obey or be killed, the choice is yours."

Cecil finished with the same grin on his face, my father then said calmly "You have done well messenger. Now die."

He turned into a wolf and tore him into pieces...

When my father exited the cell he was covered with blood and said "Peaceful days are over. Assemble the council."

Beleana's 5 links & summaries

Beauty and the Beast The Rose Enchantment

A small introduction of both main characters, how The Beast who got turned into a beast and Belle having not many options to her life. A guy called Gaston who wanted belle's hand in marriage wanted her, but she did not like him. Belle's father is the only one who has possession of belle's heart.
Then it suddenly tells how the beast and belle met each other, saving each other lives and becoming friends. They go to a dance together where they finally know that they love each other. But then Gaston and beast have a fight and Gaston dies and beast left badly wounded. Belle says she loves him and the magic works into the beast which he turns into a handsome prince. He tells her name is Adam. Soon after they get married. Belle was telling the story of how she met the beast to her daughter, Rose. They have another child, Christopher.When its Rose's birthday party, a young boy storms into the party and points a finger Adam and says that Gaston was his brother and he will get revenge. The gurads take him away and from then on, Rose and Christopher parents are super protective of their castle. Rose which to see the world again one day.

I didn't know it was Belle telling a story to her daughter at the beginning of this fanfic, until the middle of the story and the font changes from italics to normal. From the middle to the end, it just basically telling about Rose point of view how she wishes to see the outside world again and wishes her parents to spend more time with her, instead of trying to be protective of the castle and the family. A good ending of Rose saying "I will see the world I once loved".
Based on the book The Series of Unfortunate events, volume 5, The Prufrock prep school, Klaus and Isadora is talking how to get Klaus and Violet study for a test for the next day while also having to run for Count Olaf. When Isadora falls asleep on his lap, he then quietly tells her that he likes her. Everyone else in the room is asleep too. Then the next morning, Klaus sister Violet said that she heard what Klaus said. Later Isadora also told him that she heard what he had said to her too, when he thought both of them were asleep! Violet and Klaus did the test and they both passed when they come and out and sees Isadora and her brother Duncan getting kidnapped into a car. Klaus runs to the car trying to get it opened. But he couldn't and the car goes off with Isadora and Duncan.
Klaus loves Isadora and will never forget it.

This fanfiction story just really goes on about Klaus being in love with Isadora. How he doesn't want Isadora taken away from him. Lots of love moments. His siblings know how much he will miss her. He will try and find her along with her brother Duncan. The Quagmires. Overall, its a story for who likes a bit of romance in their story.

Chapter one, Prelog
It tells how Stefan hasn't been to Mystic Falls, his hometown over years theres been lots of things that had happend. The history of the town, the history of how he met Katherine Pierce who turned him and his brother Damon into a vampire. Katherine now is in a tomb, still blood pumping away through her but super weak. Stefan thought she had seen her out in Mystic Falls, his eye playing tricks on him but it wasnt. It was a girl who looks exactly like Katherine but she's different.

Its only the beginning of the story, which sounds much like the real story on television. But maybe in the next chapter things will change and it will become more interesting. Hope it does. It doesn't mention who is talking either, but I'm guessing its Stefan. The story is quite alright so far.I like it!

A little girl name Sam is playing in the back yard of her house which she can see,but from the house her family cannot see her. She describes her family as 'big' -mum and dad, 3 brothers and 2 sisters, and a dog. Its the middle of Autumn when she hears something and walks to it. She sees a naked man and doesn't scream like most people would -she reckons. She offers her coat to him and they talk even though she isn't suppose to talk to random people.
He says his name is Will and that he might come back and explaining that he is a time traveler. Then he disappears leaving only the coat Sam knowing where it has been. Her mother calls for her and she leaves the scene and the coat, knowing that he will be back and will need it.She doesn't want to touch it.

This story is slightly similar to the movie, but I still like it. I can imagine it very clearly in my mind. The first few paragraphs are on the thoughts of the little girl, Sam how she had met the time traveler.Then it goes to the past, the dialogue between the Will (time traveler) and Sam. Its an interesting context of the story.

The Story Continues
After the princess Anasiasia and Dimitri got married, they go back to Paris to see Anasiasia's grandma along with Anasiasia's cute dog Pooka. Pooka and Dimitri didn't get along so well, but they are slowly getting there. They've just entered the train and they sit down and Pooka sleeps on Anasiasia's lap. She tells how she came from being an ophan girl to a princess whom she did not know she was, how the kitchen boy saved her -Dimitri, and helping her find her family -Grandmamma.

A lovely romance story. I like how it starts off with a dialogue and then a bit of the story comes in, telling the reader who the main characters are in Anasiasia's life.The story is short and sweet, but maybe could be a little bit more longer. Unless the author is thinking of doing another chapter. The ending is nice as well. .  

Simon's Fan Fiction Draft

Hi everyone =D

Hayate no gotoku (Hayate the combat butler) is originally a manga written by Hata Kenjiro. The story about a boy named Hayate was born under misfortune that he have to work hard to pay back the debts his parents brought upon playing around not working. However, one day they ran away leaving 150 million yen debt to him. Threatened by the pursuer to take back the money, he decided to kidnap a rich girl so he would use ransom money to pay the debt. Everything turn out as he end up helping the girl out of a kidnapping case and made she mistook for he being in love with her. The story goes on with he becomes her loyal butler in return for her paying off his enormous debt with the little misunderstanding between them.

 This fan fiction setting take place in the future where he have to decide on his relationship with the girls whom, by one way or another, fell in love with him and demand a proper answer after a long time battling with each other for his heart. Well, we’ll leave that for some other time. This time let’s enjoy Hayate emergency solution.

*   *   *
Good morning, Milady, it’s time to wake up or you’re gonna be 
late for school!

 Oi, Hayate, let me stay home today. I’m too tired to wake up this early after everything last night.

**Smile awkwardly**  You can’t, Ojou-sama. Today is the first day after summer break. Everybody is expected to be there for the opening ceremony.

 But....         **WHACK**     Get up now, don’t you want to go to school with your beloved butler Hayate?

 Kyaaaa, Sakuya, where did you ....        
 Appear from? I didn’t know you are that forgetful, Nagi. Even though you just talk about last night...  **Devilish smile**  
Hmmm, if you do that Hayate might get snatched by other girls, you know, Nagi >:)

**Sleepy-Sloppy**    No no, absolutely not. I’m up!!! Let’s go to school together Hayate!

 Uhhh, Ojou-sama, you can’t go out in sleeping clothes -_-‘ Let’s get changed.


Good morning Nagi~ Good morning Hayate-kun~

**Sleepy** Good morning     **Smile** Good morning Hinagiku-san
Hey Nagi, did we do something last night? I can’t remember it but every time I think about it my heart would beat like crazy...

Well I don’t really know what you’re talking about but I agree we did do something.       (Ueah!?)

What are you “ueah” for Hayate! Do you remember it?      **Glare (Hinagiku & Nagi)**

Uh oh, no, absolutely not Ojou-sama, haha (awkwardly). Ah, I remember I have to take something from my locker. I’ll see you in class then, Ojousama. Excuse me, Hinagiku-san.       **Run away**

OH HEY WAIT!!! *Shocked* He’s fast. There’s something fishy about him, Nagi...!


**Walking**   Whoa!!! That was close. I didn’t expect them to be like that. Sigh...
But well, I’m glad that they had forgot it.

**From behind**       Good morning, Hayata-kun!!! Wat cha doing? xD

Good morning Segawa san. I’m going to my class.
We heard you mumbling about forgetting something, Ha.ya.te.

** Panic**      Ack, It’s A-tan. Don’t worry about it, A-tan. It’s a minor thing, haha 8-}

**Whisper**    Well well, perhaps you’re thinking that I didn’t remember anything last night?

             I knew it. She didn’t affected by it.

             Haha, I don’t think I understand you, A-tan.

**Totally cool**        Oh well, guess I should talk about it with the others. Hope they haven’t forgotten it yet.

**In a grovel stance**  I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was lying. I’m really sorry. I’m dead TT__TT I really am...

So Hayate, what is Athena-chan is talking about?

No, Segawa-san, I really can't talk about that...

Oh really, should I tell it to everyone then >:) About how you really are!

You don't have to tease me like that A-tan.....

<Mobile ring>
Oi Hayate, you're still not going to class yet?

Hai, right away, Ojou-sama. <hang up> I'll see you after class then.


Sigh, I've been running around just trying not to get caught today. How long can I stay like this? Should I ask A-tan to help me? No, no, no. There's noway she will. She was there last night too


Argh, how can I solve this? I can’t continue like this...

Hey, where do you think you’re going Hayate?

Yike, Ojou-sama

**Pissed off**         Yeah, you can go anywhere after we solve our little problem.

Hinagiku-san. What dya mean problem?

I don’t think the situation is good for me… For now, the only choice I have left… BAIT!!!

Hey wait !!!

**Stump into…** Ru…Ruka-san. What are you doing here? I’m sorry.

I thought of something I want to ask you Hayate-san. That’s alright


Perfect timming Ruka-san. Please hold down Hayate there!

**Blush** ‘Hold’? You mean “hold”??? <washed down in some fantasies…>



Don’t you think you can run away from us Hayate-kun >:)


**Overlapped** Hayate, why are you running away?

Is this some kind of joke?              T___T

Erm, haha<awkward>, what do you want to ask of me Ojou-samas?

Well, we planned to ask you nicely but since you’re running away we have no other choice

<After a big braw leaving our Hayate half-dead>

Well Hayate, I don’t know should I say I’m glad that you are alive after that or I’m extremely surprised that someone could put you in this bad condition.

Of course you wouldn’t say that if you know what happened back there Maria-san… =((

*    *    *

As Hayate was totally beaten by his masters (they’re all living in the same household as in the original piece) leaving him unable to do anything except breathing, the case closed as all the other don’t want to see Maria in a rage if she were to find out the story. Let’s wait for him to fully recovered until we get to watch what gonna happen to him.