Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fan fiction summary

Romeo and Juliet- Another time, Another place

This fan-fiction has different background to the original Romeo and Juliet.
There is three main three differences. 
Firstly, tThe time setting is modern. The story happens in story is set in summer and it is told from in Juliet's perspectiveview.
Secondly, the characters are new. Romeo is Timmy and Juliet is the narrator (herthe name is not mentioned).
OnIn the one sunny day, she goes towent Slurpy and gets a strawberry special shake to chill her down.
The Slurpy is where the popular people go. Her best friend Nala was drinking ice tea.
The Tthird difference, which is the biggest difference, is the parents relationship between their parents.
Their parents want the narrator to be with Paul when she likes Timmy, unlike .
Whereas in Romeo and Juliet, where the parents disturb the
relationship between Romeo and Juliet.

Pokemon - How the Years Go By

This fan-fiction is based on Pokemon.
This is the time where about the Green and Yellow, the two rivals of pokemon fighters first met .
Different to the originalreal pokemon, the fighters are not rivals in this fan-fiction.
They arewere two young boys who get along withhad good friendship towards each other.
Doctor Oak, the starter of pokemon, wasis the neighbour to these boys.

To Love me as I am - Twilight

This fan-fiction is based on Twilight.
It is narrated tofrom Edward's point of view.
Edward and Bella loves each other even though Edward is a vampire who killsed people,
because he only killeds 'bad people'. She says that he is 'not a monster'.
Bella accepts Edward the wayas he is.
The story has a ends happilyhappily-ending, which is same as the original Twilight.

Snow white - dark snow

This fan-fiction is based on Snow White.
The title of the fiction, Dark Snow,name is the completely opposite of the original title, (Snow White).
In the original snow white, the main character baby wais pretty but in this fictionhere,
the baby snow white and she dies because she eats took juicy apples.
In the original storyone, the Snow Wwhtie takes took a bite of an apple but the prince saves her. It would have been better if this fan-fiction gave the opposite settings from the original,
the snow white can be totally dark skin colour just like the title  and be evil character bothering her
step mother.

Cinderella - Life_After_Wedding_Bells

This fan-fiction is based on Cinderella.
This is the story that tells you what happens after the ending of original 'Cinderella'.
The story is narrated by Cinderella narrates the story in here. She slipsped her shoeslipper inat her wedding just like in the original Cinderella.
In the original Cinderella, she slippeds her slipperhoe and that was how the prince found her.
She says the life after wedding was not always easy becauuase the prince was going to be with
the 'future king', and she has to serve her husband with 'gifts and pointless service'. Although However, she thinks that

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