Sunday, 21 August 2011

Beleana's fanfic - Final

Bubblegum Treat

It was the weekend and Sponge bob and Patrick were near the jelly fields lying down looking at the sky, using their imagination to look for shapes in the clouds and telling each other about it, when Sponge bob had a great idea.
"Hey Patrick, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Err....yea I'm thinking what you're thinking....."
"Do you know what would make this more enjoyable; something that involves us chewing??"
"Errr........eating donuts and looking at the clouds?"
With a confused look on his face, Sponge bob wasn't sure if Patrick was really thinking what he was thinking. 'oh well', Sponge bob thought, 'he will find out'.
"Patrick, you're close but we're going to have a bubble gum blowing contest!!!!"
Now it was Patrick's turn to be confused . He didn't understand what Sponge bob was talking about.
"HUH??? A what???"
"Patrick! Bubble gum and a contest. Between you and me."
Finally Patrick understood and got the picture. A bubble gum and a contest.
"OOOOHH!! Oooo can I have pink? that's my favourite colour."
"Bubblegum only comes in one colour anyways. Come on, lets go get pink bubblegum from snack'n'attack".
Sponge bob and Patrick went to get bubblegum and then came back to the field and
Sponge bob starts chewing and blowing.
With a face that looked as if it was going to pop, Patrick tried to blow a bubble but it kept on going flat. Whereas Sponge bob was successfully blowing bubbles, however, not big enough to his satisfaction.
" do you blow a bubble, Spongebob?"
Spongebob turned around and to see Patrick's face continuously turning blue and purple.
"Its easy! Like this!"
Sponge bob closed his eyes and with a simple blow, he blew into the gum and out came a bubble.
"Wooow!!," Patrick said with admiration as he watched the pink bubble grow bigger and bigger and bigger.
Then it popped in front of Patrick's face. He didn't even move when it landed there. Sponge bob opened his eyes again, "I think that was the biggest one I've done," he said proudly and smiled. "Now you try! All you have to do is say 'it's easy!' "
Patrick nodded and with his face in concentration he said "It's easssssssyyy!!"
He did not notice it himself but Patrick was actually blowing really hard and a bubble was developing slowly.
"Wow! You're doing it Patrick. Whooooo!!!"
Patrick saw what was in front of him and then the bubble popped. Patrick had a huge smile on his face.
That afternoon, Sponge bob and Patrick practiced blowing bubbles until it grew dark.

The next day Patrick came knocking on Sponge bob's house.
"Sponge bobbbb!! Let's do the contest now!" he said excitedly.
The door was opened by Gary and Patrick let himself in. It looked like Sponge bob was in a hurry.
"Sorry Patrick, but I've got work today. Let's do the bubblegum contest after I finish work"
"Awwww...........fine! I'll practice with Gary!"
"Meow" Gary said. Patrick stormed out of the house, and on the way he picked up Gary.

Some hours later, Sponge bob was happily flipping over patties on the grill, when he looked out the window and sees in the distance, Patrick having fun blowing bubbles. 'Gary looks like he's having fun watching Patrick blow bubbles,' Sponge bob thought to himself. 'What's that in his mouth??' he wondered. 'Is that bubblegum? Did Patrick give bubblegum to my Gary?!'
"SPONGEBOB!! You're burning the patties!! If you're burning the patties, then you're burning me money!!!" shouted Mr. Krabs.  
Startled, Sponge bob looked at the patties that were left on the grill, becoming burnt.
"Ahh!! S-s-sorry Mr.Krabs, but Patrick gave some bubblegum to Gary. I can see Gary chewing from here." and he pointed out the window towards Gary and Patrick.
"I don't care about your Gary. I care about me-me- the customers!! Argh!! They are the important ones here. Focus Sponge bob, Focus!!" and with that, Mr.Krabs went off, back to his office.
Sponge bob quickly chucked the burnt patties to the bin and started again. But he couldn't stop thinking about how Gary was chewing bubblegum. 'How can Patrick do that to me? Maybe he's trying get to me to do the contest. So that's why he got revenge on me, by giving bubblegum to Gary!!!' He was shocked and gasped.
'I'm going to beat him at the bubble gum contest. Honestly, how can he do that to Gary!'
Sponge bob worked hard but was angry. When it was his break, Sponge bob went straight to where Patrick and Gary was. He was still there practising.
"PATRICKKK!!" shouted Sponge bob. "PAATRICCKK!!"
Patrick stopped blowing bubbles and turned to Spongebob.
"Why did you give bubblegum to Gary?!"
"I didn't. . . . "
"I SAW him chewing!"
"But it wasn't bubble gum. . . "

"Patrick, are you lying to me,??!!"
"No. . . . .why would you think I'm lying,??" Patrick started to sound teary.
"Then what was it??!!" Sponge bob was trying to keep his cool and didn't want to explode in front of Patrick. He didn't want lose his best friend. But he really wanted Patrick to tell him what Gary had in his mouth immediately.
Almost bursting in tears, Patrick sobbed "It was a lolly. A big, chewy lolly okay??!!!". And with that outburst of confession, he ran all the way home thinking that giving a lolly to Gary was even worse than giving him bubblegum.
Sponge bob was surprised as he watched Patrick run to his rock, where he lived.
"Meow," Gary came up to Sponge bob and looked up at him.
"Is that true Gary?"
"Meow" which meant yes.
Then he picked Gary up smiled at him and then looked at Patrick's house.
"I thought he was taking revenge on me. Then I should go say sorry for being angry at him. Let's go Gary."
On the way, Sponge bob was thinking how silly it was for Patrick to run away like that. 'Lollies and bubblegum are different. Gary wouldn't know how to chew a bubblegum. It's not for snails anyway.'
Spongebob knocked on Patrick's house.
"Patrick, I know you're in there."
"Patrick is not home. Please leave a message. Beeeeeeep." said Patrick.
"Patrick, please let me in!" asked Spongebob as politely as he could.
After a few minutes of waiting outside and listening to Patrick sobbing quietly from inside his house, Spongebob let himself in.
He found Patrick hunched in a corner of his house crying quietly, his back faced toward Spongebob. He put Gary down and touched Patrick on his shoulder. Patrick shuddered at his touch and cried a little louder. "Patrick. . . .I'm, I'm s-s-s-sorry. You just gave him a lolly! Which is fine!! I wouldn't have thought you would give bubblegum to Gary . I only thought that because you wanted to do that contest earlier and so you took revenge on me by giving Gary bubblegum. So. . . .do you want to do that bubblegum blowing contest now?" 
And then he said quietly and a little muffled "I don't know what you said Spongebob, but. .  .Okay! Let's do it!!!" And with that, Patrick suddenly sprung up, all happy and smiling. Spongebob was once again surprised by Patrick's sudden change of emotion. He smiled and followed Patrick out the door to the fields, thinking about how he's grateful to have Patrick as his best friend. Because he'd never know what he would do. "Patrick, you're my best friend, you know that?"
But Patrick's face was already puffed up and blowing bubblegum bubbles, getting ready for the contest.  


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  2. Hey Beleana! Naw i'm such a fan of Spongebob and Patrick i liked your story!! So cute and innocent how patrick takes off even though he wasn't in the wrong! I know time is up for commenting but i thought i'd pop by and comment anyways! Great job cool story really liked how i could picture Mr Crabs complaining about his money too haha

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  4. I like your Sponge Bob story! The dialogue 'hey Patrick' sounds like a real animation Sponge Bob.

  5. A very good story. Is composed in a reader friendly way, and the picture in the middle really help me imagining the whole picture.

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  7. Your fan fic is also good for the children because you used friendly character sponge bob and good storyl showing the importance of friendship.