Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Simon's 5 fiction summaries

This is a Japanese manga story about a delinquent high school boy by chance pick up a baby whom is the heir to the demon world and was sent by the Demon Lord to destroy humanity. Its successful "father" have to be the strongest, vicious man who think nothing about his fellow. However, Oga Tatsumi (the protagonist) act on his own accord and never hold back to protect his friends. A lot of misunderstanding happened in the original manga but this fan fiction portrait the similar story with the addition character Satoshi Kaito, Oga's girl-friend. 

In my opinion, this fan fiction is interesting in general. The down side is the author the plot is similar to the main plot so it is a bit distracting as we all know what going to happen next. It also that as the author use the first person narrative, he should have be able to express the feeling of the "additional" protagonist. He totally ignored how he can make use of her feelings about her boyfriend getting a child which isnt hers to begin with and messed up with the order of things happened as Kaito did not even give any strong expression about Oga having a Demon Lord baby while the group first meeting with Hilda the care-giver occur after they get home from school. Well, this lead to other confusions as well as you read on.

It was the hopelessness she felt that time. When she was kidnapped, when she was apart from her precious crewmates. Fear by the inhuman character of those dirty pirates, hopelessly waited for her crewmates to rescue her, She had lost all the hope… until one day, the Mugiwara came and rescued her from those monsterous pirates. What will the Mugiwara do, when they saw how much their friend was hurted, especially the captain, Luffy? Will Nami able to regain her health, healed mentally and finally forget about the nightmares she had? Join the Mugiwara to feel the sadness, the trouble that the crew had went through, and how they worried about their navigator… all the love, friendship are wrapped inside this story.

Overall, this is a very good story. When you read it, through the way the author write, you can feel, see the events, just like you are one of the characters. The way she wrote about  what the bad pirates had done to Nami, how the Mugiwara felt when they treated Nami’s wounds seems really realistic-like. It feels like the story is real in front of your eyes. She knows how to use the vocabulary she has, and also her grammar is good. However, the downside is it is a bit dark 
theme that appeal to those who like the gore, like the author mentioned.

Facebook is everywhere! Everyone has their own Facebook. Heck, even the mages of Fairy Tail use Facebook. So what are you waiting for? Join this Fairy Tail Facebook fanfiction to know more about our favorite character, what they wrote on their wall and other fantasy activities!

This is a fun fanfic which gives us reader a view of the character, their personality and their friendship. It’s really is unique, but interesting and it can make you want to read the new chapter as soon as you finished the latest one. Although the author doesn’t give her fanfic a plot, but with a great sense of humor, she has done a really good job in her fiction

Everyone want to play outside, in the sunlight of Summer. Summer is here! but what will you do when your partner decide to sleepin, instead of hanging out with you? well, our cute and playful Night Fury has his own way to make his friend get out of his bed and play with him.

This is a cute fan fiction which shows one normal but fun morning with Toothless. The plot is simple but interesting. The author had good grammar and idea. Even though the fiction gives us a warm feeling of how close those two is, the way the author describe Toothlesss action is not satisfactorily. In my opinion, the author should tell more about Toothless's expression as he was doing his playful attack.

Sam Witwicky had a normal life, untill him meeting BumbleBee, and the rest Autobots, including Optimus Prime and has a really important role in saving the world from the evil Decepticons.  His life changed. And this fiction is about how his life had changed. . Let's see how Sam live with his Autobot friends.

Funny, interesting and full of friendship moments, it's a good and heart-warming *dunno how to describe this LOL* fanfiction.The way the author potray the character is awesome. She/he did a great job in transfer their emotions, their thought, their feelings to the reader. The grammar is fine, with good vocabulary combined, he/she has created a humorous fan fiction worth reading.

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