Sunday, 31 July 2011

Wally's 5 FanFic summaries

Family Guy: Soul Mate

Families will have to tighten their belt in times of hardship, especially when it is a big family like the Griffins. While the grown up are struggling to meet the basic standard of living, Stewie was able to live in life of luxury. How is he paying for it? Brian being the understanding and nosy dog, has sniffed his way to Stewie secret income source and was surprised pleasantly and unpleasantly. Animals are men’s best friend and sometimes understand their host better than anyone in the world, like Brian will discover Stewie’s secret like no Griffins ever will.
This fan fiction was written in almost identical style as the original authors and directors of Family Guy, so as a result the story line and characters’ speech was predictable and unsurprising. The ending of this fan fiction gave reader then feeling that this author had ran out of ideas and couldn’t come up with something else better to write, so just finishes the fan fiction in the easiest way he could. The fact that the ending doesn’t entail the story was really disappointing for any fan of Family Guy.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Futurama: New New York, December 31st 2999

Leela is a typical workaholic. She is also cautious and anti-social on top of that. Because the only entertainment she has is to drink till she is unconscious. She alone, out of everyone else in the company, could not find happiness nor true love. On the New Years Eve 2999, Leela finally made the choice to break the curse of staying at home and getting drunk every single night. She decided to go and have a party night out with all the strangers of New New York. Due to the fact that she has never done this before, she couldn't find one piece of proper dress or make-ups which she think suits the occasion. Will Leela be able to have a good time for once? Or will she just stay home like any other days with alcohol with tears?
This fan fiction is written in a dreadfully boring way, and to put the cherry on top, this piece of work is awfully long and painful to read. This particular piece of fan fiction doe not seem like a fan fiction at all, instead it is more like the author wanting to complain about the world and her own life through writing the story of Leela, the loner. In conclusion, I did not enjoy reading this piece of work one bit, and I don't think it is a good piece of fan fiction at all.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Samurai: Duty

The Emperor of Japan decided to introduce the western warfare managerial system and technology, and all the troops under the Emperor will be assigned to trainings conducted by western military generals. Ms Hasegawa is assigned to the generals for translating purposes. She is the finest out of all the translators available. Her father and grandfather are both in the Japanese military, and she is able to speak German and French on top of Japanese and English. However due to the fact that she is a female, she was not respected by some of the generals. This shows the sexist culture back in olden days.

The author wrote this fan fiction from a different perspective to the original movie. The movie focused on the Shogun (warlords) and samurais, whereas this fan fiction focuses on the new government's military. From changing the perspective to the new government's military I was able to understand more about the situation in Japan back in the days, and got me more interested in reading this fan fiction. The format was very simple. Quote of speech was frequently used, which makes it a lot easier for me to read.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- X-Man: Don't tempt fire, or get burnt

The archenemy of the x-men, Erik also known as Magneto, was once an innocent kid, but not just an ordinary kid. Erik is a kid with power to control metal. He was captured by the German army for researches on mutant's power. Captured along with him is Emilia. She has the power to make and control fire in her hand. The Germans wanted to use these special powers as a military weapon against the American and English army. Read to see how Emilia and Erik bonded true friendship and assisted each other during the torment of the Germans.

I really enjoyed reading this fan faction as it is easy to read, and the format was composed in a manner which really encourages me to read on and find out what will happen next. Magneto is always the wise and powerful one, so it is really interesting to see how he was once helpless like normal people.
Ratatouille: Life is decicious

This is the story of the next generation. Linguini and Colette have a daughter called Reneta, and Remy the rat chef have passed away, but he did have some offsprings that also can cook. Not only they can cook, they can also read and write. The story goes on, but in the hands of the second generation. Reneta is learning how to cook, and hope one day can become a great chef like his father Linguine, well maybe not his father, but Remy the rat chef. Remy's seven kids and Colette are all help Reneta hoping one day she can too become a great chef and have a place in the industry in France. Read to see how they make this dream a reality.

The fan fiction was written in a simple manner, nothing bad but nothing too good. The story line started good with Remy passed away, and there is now seven rat chefs. Other than that the story did not have much surprising components in it, and everything was quite predictable. It is a good piece of writing, but just that I personally prefers something that can surprise me more.


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