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Floyds 5 Fan Fiction Links And Summaries.

Jesus and Judas
Deliverance..Richard Hawkins (atheist) goes to Heaven
Hitler Vs Moses

1. Hitler vs Superman Summary

This fan fiction starts with Clarke Kent reporting to the Daily Planet as a journalist in Germany. He is following a group of American soldiers in the final days of the war. Clarke ponders whether he should bring a quick end to the war by using his powers to locate and kill Hitler himself. He feels this may be to risky as he was Americas secret weapon and Hitler was rather cunning. He believes Adolf may very well know of his weakness Kryptonite. After becoming stressed trying to write an article in a tent with downpour rain he recieves word that the troops were to move forward. To Berlin the location of Hitlers whereabouts. On the journey to Berlin he makes conversation with a fellow American troop. Discussing their home towns and radios. When the men arrive at there destination they pitch tents. The author then emphasizes Clarkes hate of the rain. Clarke then continues to write his article but is soon interupted by voices. It become clear the voices are coming from beneath him from some sort of secret base. He for the first time rips his shirt apart revealing his true super nature. He then using his super power begins to punch threw the ground like a drill till he reaches the base with soldiers firing randomly at him. Superman then manages to locate Adolf Hitler. Hitler tells him that they both are actually quite similar both belonging to super races with Hitler refering to the nazis idealisation of the Aryan super race. Hitler then reveals he has a secret weapon "the sword of destiny". Superman at first shocked and then doubtfull calls Hitlers bluff and throws him against the wall leaving him for death or capture from the American troops.

I did enjoy this piece of fanzine the title tho nothing imaginative did capture my imagination. Superman vs Hitler. Wow. Two iconic figures go head to head. Superman for justice strength, his bold colours of red blue and yellow contrast perfectly with Hitlers sense of evil and intelligence with his dull brown uniform colours. I liked how Clarke was involved as a journalist giving extra reason as to why he would be there it strengthed my belief in the fan fiction. I was let down by the ending of the fan fiction. But only because I got way ahead of myself. When Hitler mentioned he to was part of a superior race my brain got images of hitler to coming from outer space and having super powers. Imagine the two battling out in the sky now that would of been a climax. Instead I was left with the anti climax of a bluff called and a wall broken. Good Fan fiction, well written with good dialogue. Sadly an anti climax that had great potential.

2. The Night I Saw The Messiah Born

This piece of fan fiction details from a first person point of view a girl working for the Inn cooking and serving food. After a hard day she is about to fall asleep when there come a knock on the door. Upon answering she sees a young couple the lady of the two being pregnant. She feels depressed as she knows why they have come and she knows the answer she has for them, "we're full". After the man pleads for his wife to stay the narrators "Abba" (which I took for her father) asks whom is at the door. The man (Joseph) begins to plead with her Abba. As it looks like the Abba is about to turn away the pregnant women (Mary) gives out a scream. The Abba agrees to take them to his stable by the hillside. The narrator acts as a midwife and his the one to first hold the baby. Mary then names the child Jesus. After a silence three shepherds appear at first the narrator is confused and believes the shepherds bring danger to the family. This proves not to be the case and the shepherds recount their tale of Angels giving information on the messiah being born and how they came to find baby Jesus. When the shepherds leave  the narrator confronts Mary and asks if she believes her son to be the messiah, she does and recounts the tale of an angel visiting her and how she still was only a virgin. The narrator is in awe and believes the child also to be the Messiah. It ends with her saying she wasnt there for his death but heard of it and that she is forever thankful to Jesus.

I very much enjoyed this piece of Fan Fiction. It was like taking a film your most familiar with but changing the camera shot for every scene. A different take on one of the worlds most familiar and popular story. I thought the first person narrative was clever as it gave emotion depth and detail to the piece. I never considered the midwife or the first hands to touch the son of gods head but to have it shown to me was powerfull. I enjoyed how it ends with her explaining she had heard of his death and was thankfull not to have seen. To hear of someones death in those times is a sign of that persons popularity and importance thus emphasising the greatness of her tale. It ends with her revealing indirectly  that she is now an older woman retelling the story which put me in an almost grandchild situation. Looking up and letting my grandmother tell her great tale which although joyous would carry much emotional baggage for her. I enjoyed this piece of Fan Fiction through out.

3. Deliverance ( Richard Hawkins goes to Heaven)

This piece of Fan Fiction begins with Richard Hawkins ending his speech at the vatican debate on religion. His last words on stage are "God most likely does not exist". We are then told of the upset he has caused amongst the onlooking pope and cardinal. A stranger from the crowd shouts aloud his angry views toward Dawkins. Not long after a vatican van slams into Dawkins killing him. We are told the killer was never caught and the case is closed. Leaving followers and skeptics to mourn a mans death. Meanwhile Dawkins wakes up in heaven and is greeted by a servant of god. For a while Dawkins believes he is merely dreaming and tries to wake up. After Saint Peter reveals to him that this was no dream but Heaven, Dawkins breaks down and cries. After an arguement with St Peter, God appears and begins to speak to Dawkins. Dawkins tho now a believer in God defies him and is sent to Hell. There is now a complete change in scene with Fred Felps (notorious christian leader and eldest of americas most hated family) explaining how Dawkins is now in hell. Then once again another change in scenery is introduced with "Meanwhile , in another dimensional..."  Dawkins now awakes in hell only to find it a perfect paradise. He is met by a woman named Lucy whom explains how God is a liar and oppressive that Hell is paradise and to accept entry into Heaven is to become enslaved. Dawkins and Lucy then begin driving around in a porsche on the sunny coastline. Dawkins then comes to realise that Lucy is actually Lucifer (Satan, the Devil) although the Lucifer was not evil at all. It appears Dawkins is smitten and the tale ends with Dawkins asking her to recount her tale.

I enjoyed many aspects of this piece but was also confused with aspects of dialogue and the nature of the character the writer was trying to create i.e " Cardinal Razzing was really fuckin' pissed off". I cannot fathom a Cardinal being "fuckin' pissed off" was very off key like a smudge on a painting. I also couldnt understand why the writer called him "Gawkins" instead of his real name "Hawkins" was it for copyright? A mistake? Or a putdown. The author should of explained the Elephant in the room. At first when he arrived in heaven and spoke with god i felt almost embarrasssed (although later proved relevant) for the writer. His portrayal of God ( at the time) seemed cliche and unimaginative almost like a nastier version of the god portrayed in The Simpsons. The story then randomly changes to Fred Felps giving a hateful speech on Dawkins death which I found irrelevant and distracting to the flow. All that aside I loved the twist in the portrayal of Hell as paradise and the explanation as to why the God was nastier than I would of percieved. Also I maybe slow but Lucy as Lucifer came as a surprise to me. All in all a good story with some great twists tho sadly ruined by Irrelevancy and cliche.

4.  Moses Vs Hitler

The story starts with Germany losing the war and hitler escaping threw a time machine, deciding to go back in time three thousand years to Egypt. It then clips to Moses speaking with to what he thinks is a Pharoeph only for the man to reveal himself as Hitler and they begin boxing. Moses then kung fu kicks Hitler leaving him for dead...or so he thinks. Moses then begins to read the ten commandments when Hitler appears claiming satan saved him in space. Satan then  throws an astroid on Moses head only for God to create a force field around him. The battle continues with neither winning. Then Batman appears in the Back To the Future car and saves Moses. Only for Moses and Batman to start an emotional relationship. Which God stops saying its against his commandments. They both then go on to live religious lives.

Ok. This Fan Fiction is terribly written. Terribly thought out and towards the end quite offensive. No explanation as why Hitler would go back three thousand years. Why Moses knows Kung Fu. I know Fan Fiction is all go within your limitless imagination but I personally would of prefered if Moses had returned from his travels and learnt secret martial art knowledge. Although not true I prefer a background and reason to the imagination and what makes the movement of mind tick. The ending is a complete copout MMMMMM yeah then Batman appeared, well how conveniant. Then to go on to explain how they tried to have a sexual relationship. I found this offensive not because it was but because it tried to be. Well how controversial when in fact it was boring and irrelevant. In a one word summary "Meh".

 5. Jesus and Judas

The Fan Fiction begins with Jesus telling Judas to go and speak with his potential imprisoners. To go and tell them everything they want to know. Judas agrees. On arrival the imprisoners request money Judas has none for them so they beat him. They then say that they will drop the debt and even pay him if he hands Jesus over to them. Judas returns to Jesus and tells him he has no intention of going back. Jesus argues his claiming " we must pay them back". Judas then reveals to the imprisoners of the whereabouts of Jesus. That night God visits Judas in a dream not with hate but with love. There is no resentment on either behalf. Judas then goes to see Jesus after promising not too. The imprisoners arrive and Judas demands they leave him alone. Jesus informs Judas that everything is ok and to let it happen. After learning that Jesus will be killed Judas once again cares not for the promises made and insults and curses the public for there hate and foolishness. After Jesus death Judas sees Jesus and Jesus informs him that he did the greatest of sins in cursing the people. That those who killed him acted out of order not hate where as his words where of passion and hate. Judas asks him what to do to which Jesus replys "love them (them being the execution onlookers) with all your heart".

I found this piece of fan fiction quite dull and boring a complete contrast to the wildness of the Moses Vs
Hitler tale. Not much Imagination with Characters and events  more an emphasis on the authors love of Jesus. The author explains how Harry Potter and Proffesor Snape's relationship was the basis of the Jesus and Judas relationship but although yes I can see it, it is only at a long stretch of my imagination. The story has no build up or tension whatsoever. The only thing changed is instead of Judas being seen as a villain he becomes a passionate if not mis guided follower. Not even a great follower not even a contrast to the original if anything his character becomes mild and bland. I believe Fan Fiction should be passionate and get the imagination going into a world in its own layout but how you see it. Your own twisted colourful version off events influenced by your influences and passions. You must have something to add but sadly this does nothing but detract from the original. All in all quite bland and forgettable.            


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