Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Wally's Fan Fiction Final - Peace before the storm

It has been twenty five years since the battle in Italy with Volturi, the vampire coven. The battle started with the Volturi high councilors decided that vampires are of most noble blood, and werewolves are to be eliminated from the face of the world because they are the only creature strong enough to endanger the place of the Vampires in the world.

The battle between the werewolves and the Volturis was fought long and hard. Sacrifice was pain was inevitable. My mother's ex-husband, Edward Cullen, was killed in the battle with three most powerful Volturi councilors, along with his father and brothers. Their sacrifice was not for nothing. They gave my father, Jack Black, the perfect opportunity to give the Volturi councilors the final and lethal strike. The reign of Volturi was put to a stop, and a new council was formed to enfure peaceful co-existance between the humans, werewolves and vampires.

The council was run by twelve councilors. The Councilors are of four humans, four werewolves and four vampires. My mother, Isabella Swan the vampire, and my father, Jacob Black the werewolf, are both one of the twelve high councilors. As for me, I am half vampire and half werewolf. The council calls me "the hybrid".

I am the only one in the world with both vampire and werewold blood in me. When I am in human form, unlike vampires my skin would not react to sunlight, but I still have unbelievable speed and agility even for vampires. The werewolf blood in me gives me the ability to shape shift into a wolf, franting my incrediable strength. The council believed that I am the perfect ambassador to close the gap between the vampires and werewolves.

Ensuring peace is the council's utmost priority, and everyone thought the days of killing and suffering were over, and the would is now a better place with all three races working together to create a harmonic society for each other. Now that we look back, we realise how naive we were. The peaceful years was nothing but the peace before the storm. It was thought that all of the Volturis were killed in the battle twenty five years ago. How wonderful would that have been if that was the case...

Recently scouts reported that village people around Italy were disappearing. The council sent more teams of scout to Italy to investigate. All of the teams that got sent to Italy disappeared withour a trae except for one, my father's elite force. My father's team encountered waves of ambushes led by a red haired woman called Victoria. The elite force suffered great loss, half of the team members were killed mercilessly. However they did bring back one captive with them, and the council then realized how wrong they were.

The captive was interrogated by my father, without the council's approval.

"Speak!" my father yelled.

"Who are you and why did you attack us?"

The captive didn't speak a word. My father angrily tore his left arm off and shouted "Speak now captive or I will tear you off limb by limb!"

The captive seems did not feel any pain at all and said "You fool! You and your council have no idea. I am not a captive, I am a messenger of the new Volturi council. You didn't capture me. I walked into you. If the Volturi council wished, our growing army of new borns can eliminate your so called elite force in a blink."

"The newborns!? So all the village people disappearing were of your doing?" my father asked.

"Like I told you. I am only a messenger. My name is Cecil." he said with a grin on this face.

"What message do you have for us?" my father tried to be calm and asked.

"The high council of Volturi wants to pass on their regards to the remaining Cullen family members, and all the vampire traitors. Your betrayal will not be forgotten, and you shall all be rewarded with painful death."

My father couldn't control himself, he screamed and tore off Cecil's other arm.

"I hope you realised by now that I feel no pain, and I am ONLY a messenger."

Cecil smiled and continued "As for Ms Isabella Swan. A special message from Victoria. She said she will make sure Ms Swan lives to see all her beloved ones die one by one, slowly, just like she watched James died before."

My father listened but has tightened up his fist.

"As for all the humans and werewolves, the Volturi council has graciously decided to let you all live, with your promise that you will see Volturi council as your only master. Unfortunately for the mix blooded mongrel, he will have to be executed to ensure purity of the vampire blood. Obey or be killed, the choice is yours."

Cecil finished with the same grin on his face, my father then said calmly "You have done well messenger. Now die."

He turned into a wolf and tore him into pieces...

When my father exited the cell he was covered with blood and said "Peaceful days are over. Assemble the council."


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