Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Beleana's 5 links & summaries

Beauty and the Beast The Rose Enchantment

A small introduction of both main characters, how The Beast who got turned into a beast and Belle having not many options to her life. A guy called Gaston who wanted belle's hand in marriage wanted her, but she did not like him. Belle's father is the only one who has possession of belle's heart.
Then it suddenly tells how the beast and belle met each other, saving each other lives and becoming friends. They go to a dance together where they finally know that they love each other. But then Gaston and beast have a fight and Gaston dies and beast left badly wounded. Belle says she loves him and the magic works into the beast which he turns into a handsome prince. He tells her name is Adam. Soon after they get married. Belle was telling the story of how she met the beast to her daughter, Rose. They have another child, Christopher.When its Rose's birthday party, a young boy storms into the party and points a finger Adam and says that Gaston was his brother and he will get revenge. The gurads take him away and from then on, Rose and Christopher parents are super protective of their castle. Rose which to see the world again one day.

I didn't know it was Belle telling a story to her daughter at the beginning of this fanfic, until the middle of the story and the font changes from italics to normal. From the middle to the end, it just basically telling about Rose point of view how she wishes to see the outside world again and wishes her parents to spend more time with her, instead of trying to be protective of the castle and the family. A good ending of Rose saying "I will see the world I once loved".
Based on the book The Series of Unfortunate events, volume 5, The Prufrock prep school, Klaus and Isadora is talking how to get Klaus and Violet study for a test for the next day while also having to run for Count Olaf. When Isadora falls asleep on his lap, he then quietly tells her that he likes her. Everyone else in the room is asleep too. Then the next morning, Klaus sister Violet said that she heard what Klaus said. Later Isadora also told him that she heard what he had said to her too, when he thought both of them were asleep! Violet and Klaus did the test and they both passed when they come and out and sees Isadora and her brother Duncan getting kidnapped into a car. Klaus runs to the car trying to get it opened. But he couldn't and the car goes off with Isadora and Duncan.
Klaus loves Isadora and will never forget it.

This fanfiction story just really goes on about Klaus being in love with Isadora. How he doesn't want Isadora taken away from him. Lots of love moments. His siblings know how much he will miss her. He will try and find her along with her brother Duncan. The Quagmires. Overall, its a story for who likes a bit of romance in their story.

Chapter one, Prelog
It tells how Stefan hasn't been to Mystic Falls, his hometown over years theres been lots of things that had happend. The history of the town, the history of how he met Katherine Pierce who turned him and his brother Damon into a vampire. Katherine now is in a tomb, still blood pumping away through her but super weak. Stefan thought she had seen her out in Mystic Falls, his eye playing tricks on him but it wasnt. It was a girl who looks exactly like Katherine but she's different.

Its only the beginning of the story, which sounds much like the real story on television. But maybe in the next chapter things will change and it will become more interesting. Hope it does. It doesn't mention who is talking either, but I'm guessing its Stefan. The story is quite alright so far.I like it!

A little girl name Sam is playing in the back yard of her house which she can see,but from the house her family cannot see her. She describes her family as 'big' -mum and dad, 3 brothers and 2 sisters, and a dog. Its the middle of Autumn when she hears something and walks to it. She sees a naked man and doesn't scream like most people would -she reckons. She offers her coat to him and they talk even though she isn't suppose to talk to random people.
He says his name is Will and that he might come back and explaining that he is a time traveler. Then he disappears leaving only the coat Sam knowing where it has been. Her mother calls for her and she leaves the scene and the coat, knowing that he will be back and will need it.She doesn't want to touch it.

This story is slightly similar to the movie, but I still like it. I can imagine it very clearly in my mind. The first few paragraphs are on the thoughts of the little girl, Sam how she had met the time traveler.Then it goes to the past, the dialogue between the Will (time traveler) and Sam. Its an interesting context of the story.

The Story Continues
After the princess Anasiasia and Dimitri got married, they go back to Paris to see Anasiasia's grandma along with Anasiasia's cute dog Pooka. Pooka and Dimitri didn't get along so well, but they are slowly getting there. They've just entered the train and they sit down and Pooka sleeps on Anasiasia's lap. She tells how she came from being an ophan girl to a princess whom she did not know she was, how the kitchen boy saved her -Dimitri, and helping her find her family -Grandmamma.

A lovely romance story. I like how it starts off with a dialogue and then a bit of the story comes in, telling the reader who the main characters are in Anasiasia's life.The story is short and sweet, but maybe could be a little bit more longer. Unless the author is thinking of doing another chapter. The ending is nice as well. .  


  1. Looks interesting. I loved this story.
    I watched it recently.

  2. Thanks for the hard work :D About the fanfic about beauty and the beast I have a feeling it would cause a whole lot of fun which Rose interested in Adam too. well it's another story from this point though.