Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Nadine's Fanfiction Draft

Arnold and Gerald Travel to South America

Hey Arnold is a Nickelodeon cartoon about a football- headed boy of around 12 years old. He lives with his grandparents in he city and goes to school and hangs around with Gerald (his best friend), Helga (who's secretly in love with him) and with his other friends.

Arnold and Gerald are now grown up. They have just graduated from high school.
These two best friends, have been planning to go on a trip after graduating to visit their exchange student friend from Argentina.
The time has finally come and they were leaving in three hours.
"Are you ready Arnold?", Gerald asked his friend.
Arnold was very excited at that moment. He couldn't believe it that they were finally going to visit their friend Agustina and he was very happy for traveling too. Arnold was travelling in his own thoughts, and he didn't hear Gerald.
"Arnold! Are you ready?" Gerald asked again.
"Yes! I'm so excited, this is going to be an awesome trip!"Arnold said.

So they made their way to the airport to catch their plane.
After a 12 hour flight, they finally got to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Agustina was waiting for them at the airport with her sister Catalina. They both were very anxious to see Arnold and Gerald, because Agustina has talked about them all the time and Catalina has always wanted to meet them.

Arnold and Gerald finally came out off the door! Agustina and Catalina ran up to them, they were very happy to see them!
Agustina and Catalina hugged them and kissed them on the cheek as every Argentinian does. Arnold and Gerald found it quite strange.
"This is my sister Catalina" Agustina said.
"Hello!" Both Arnold and Gerald looked at Catalina, but Catalina wasn't saying anything. So, Agustina told them that Catalina didn't speak English. "Oh, Hola!" Gerald exclaimed with his English accent.
Catalina smiled and answered, "Hola!"
So, they went to Agustina's house, which was in a neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
It was 10am in Buenos Aires, and there were big traffic jams on the road.
Agustina explained to them that Buenos Aires was a very busy city and that there are traffic jams all of the time.
It was strange for Arnold and Gerald to see so many cars on the road, because they came from a small town and now they were in a big city.
Agustina explained "Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, but you have to be careful sometimes, because it can get dangerous during the night time".
"Yes, it's a beautiful city Agustina! We are going to try to be careful at all times", Arnold responded.
"But don't worry guys, because I'm on holidays now, so I'm going to be with you most of the time"Agustina said.
Gerald was too busy staring at Catalina, he couldn't believe how pretty she looked.
Arnold gave him a little kick, for him to react and he finally stopped staring at Catalina.
They finally got to the house.
After a few days, Arnold and Gerald have adapted to their friends lifestyles. They have met Agustina's family and a few of her friends. They have rested and they were now used to the Argentinian time.
Arnold and Gerald wanted to get to know more about the Argentinian culture and about their typical foods. They wanted to explore more.
Agustina and her sister took them to the city center to see Avenida 25 de Mayo, the obelisk and La Casa Rosada (the pink house) where the government stays.
One afternoon, they also went to the beautiful Puerto Madero, they had lunch by the river and they loved the place.
In addition to that, one afternoon they went to the Barrio Boca. Over there, they explored and got to know the real Argentinian culture about tango. They walked around the neighborhood and observed how people danced tango. That evening, they stayed in Barrio Boca until late. They went to a tango bar, where Arnold and Gerald got taught how to dance tango. They later danced with Catalina and Agustina.
Gerald really liked Catalina and Catalina started to like Gerald, but she didn't know that he liked her. While they were dancing tango, they stared at each other's eyes. Gerald was too scared to tell her, so they just kept dancing.
"I think they like each other!", Arnold told Agustina.
"I think so, too" Agustina smiled.
They both started giggling and they kept dancing. They got a bit tired, so they all went home after that.
By the time, Arnold and Gerald were getting familiar with Spanish. They could understand some of it and they could also speak some words.
It was a beautiful day, so after having lunch they went to the park near their house.
Gerald and Catalina kept on staring at each other. Catalina learnt some English during the time as well. She was teaching Gerald some Spanish and he was teaching her some English. They were talking and laughing and finally Gerald surprised Catalina with a kiss. After that, they started going out.
The days went past very fast. It was nearly the time to go home for Arnold and Gerald. They both didn't want to leave. They loved spending time with Agustina and Catalina. They were also so in love with Argentina, that they decided to stay a couple of months more.


  1. Nice beginning, I'll look forward to see the developments. A few suggestion as:

    'Catalina wanted to finally meet them' = Catalina has always wanted to meet them or Catalina has been waiting to finally meet them here.

    Also careful about repeating the word, that'll make it less interesting. For instant, "Agustina's car and then they went to Agustina's house" can be write as Agustina's car and then they went to her house.

    I guess that's all ^^

  2. thank you! yeah that sounds really helpful actually! thanks simon!

  3. Hey Nadine! Great start to your story! But sorry i'm not familiar with who Gerald and Arnold are? Maybe you could clarify that at the beginning of your story before continuing. Also like Simon suggests just proof read once again before doing your Final! All the best. Looking forward to reading the rest of your fanfic! :)

  4. Thank you Luseane! ok then ill just do a short brief about Hey Arnold, before the story! thanks for advice!

  5. I like the twist of them being grown up..was intresting in real life to see the Rugrats programme extend to high school in All Grown Up.. Back in the day one would imagine what it would be like to see the characters in Recess at university or on the dole..Bart Simpson as a dad.. maybe a desire to cling to our childhood characters and cartoons. we dont wont to leave them we wont them to grow up with us.