Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Luseane's 5 Fan Fiction Links! :)

Friendship An Unlikely Love Story!!

This Fanfic is about a human girl named Mari whos had a tough upbringing and wants to escape and disappear and somehow she ends up in Whoville. Immediately she meets a boy named Brandon and befriends him.. Brandon takes him to the Mayors house where she meets the family but takes an interest in Jojo (The mayors only son). Even though shes in a whole new place where the residents look nothing like her she finds herself adapting and liking this new enviroment. Through this encounter her new friendships with Brandon and Jojo quickly become a roller coaster ride with different adventures everyday! even to the point where Maris life is at stake!!

I had found this fanfic to be very interesting, but it was dragged along too much. The author needed to get to the point in some of her chapters. Un-neccesary things were written that didn't need to be there. Other than that great plot and story line because it does leave you clicking next chapter just to see what will happen to Mari, Jojo and Brandon!

A Sudden Revelation

In this Kite Runner Fanfic the author portrays what Hassan ( A Hazara servant) was thinking after he was raped by Assef ( a notorious sociopath) and his posses because they wanted the Kite that determined who one the contest. Through this Hassans thoughts as to why his "master/bestfriend" Amir won't talk to him occur as they go through their daily routine but he senses his friends distance as the things they use to do are not as fun as they use to be.. In the end Hassan figures out the reason why Amir won't talk or look at him the same way as before is because he was there and witnessed the suffering he went through just for him.

Overall, I found myself reading this fanfic without blinking. The author didn't add anything new to the storyline which was good but gave us an insight into what Hassans feelings and thoughts were as he was the one who went through the traumatic experience and yet his friend was the one acting weird. Shows how you do anything for someone you love and expect things to remain the same as they were but its not always the case.

This Fanfic is about Morticia having a dream where she takes the role of being a Banker and Gomez plays her boss. On here she leads the life of a boring woman who does not like what she does and finds herself longing for more and at the end of the dream finds herself making love with her boss..Later on she wakes up to find herself moaning and her husband watching her as she sleeps which turns him on and they do what they do best which is make love with one another..

I found this fanfic to be really interesting and amusing. I liked how Morticia wakes up from her dream and I for one didn't figure it out until her husband wakes her up and says she's dreaming. And also all the similies the writer uses to catch the readers attention was great! Loved reading and getting to know a little more into maybe why Morticia and Gomez are infatuated with eachother and no one else. Def. one of my favourites i have read so far.

He Bats For The Other Team!

Well for those who have seen the Movie Burlesque yous would know that the owner of the Burlesque club is Tess (Cher). In this fanfic the writer writes about Tess being pregnant but not to her on and off again boyfriend Vince but to her GAY bestfriend Sean! through a one-night stand they have a baby which Tess keeps the secret of who the babies father really is from everyone including Sean. The night they find out what the sex of the baby is Tess finds herself in a car accident and they lose their child. Things quickly go back to normal with Vince not being there for her and the only thing she has is Sean and her club.

This was really good to read it had me wanting to read more. At the beginning i thought the writer was just re-writing the movie but that was her twist in the scene the girl gets pregnant and Tess feels sorry for is the irony to Tess getting pregnant later on! Through this fanfic you read and feel the emotions a woman goes through when having a child and carrying a secret around with you.It goes to show when you think things have changed and people have changed also in times of need the're the ones who let you down. Somethings are better left unsaid but then again that is not always the case. Makes you just wish your gay bestfriend was the one who was straight so it saves you the time you waste on searching hehe.

Your Beautiful!

Grease!! This Fanfic is about Sandy after her make-over with Rizzo and the girls to try and get her to fit in. Even though she looked like she belonged with her boyfriend  "danny" and their mates it was not what Danny wanted from his girlfriend. In this he explains to her that this is not what he wants, the girl he fell inlove with on the beach is what he really wants and loves not the dolled up barbie who has a frisky side to her hehe.

This fanfic started off pretty good! But near the end i kind of lost interest in reading it because it seemed like the writer had lost ideas and i was reading another boring ending of a happily ever after childrens book. Liked how in Dannys room she wrote another side to Sandy that we would never thought we'd see like allowing Danny to touch her and she do it back to him. Overall was a so so fanfic not boring enough to skim read but good enough to read to the end! Great attempt. :)


  1. We need two short contextualising paragraphs too Luseane xD

  2. Good opinions given in your reviews although maybe a little more detail is required into your opinion. Good clear images next to the text with text well set out. Ill need to do this myself as I my Fan Fiction Reviews are currently a novels worth of words taking up to much space on our group Fan Fiction Blog :)

  3. Interesting fan fictions you have there Luseane xD

    The Friendship An Unlikely Love Story, in my opinion, would be really great if you are raelly into it. If we take it as a journey everyday for each chapter then we get an unlimited series of the story as long as our imagination allow us =)) Well, I'm too don't really that into it to it'd be good to read the love part alone from everything else.

    At first I read about A Sudden Revelation fanfic from you I thought this was a gay story but toward the end it like the the best-friend relationship between those two. It's hard to find a real best-friend in real life so I think this fiction honor the value of a close friend. Someone close enough to not only share your feeling but even go beyond that for you sake.

    Still waiting for your next review xD S.

  4. Hey, I love the story of 'He Bats for the other team'. Just like you said, it'd be great if Sean is straight from the start for Tess. I think it reflect some sort of reality too, generally life never goes easy.