Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Nadine's 5 Fan Fiction Links

The Notebook II
This fan fiction is about Lucy. Allie's and Noah's granddaughter from the novel The Notebook. Lucy was flying to New York for approaching her dream of being an actress. Her grandparents have already died four years ago, but they left her a picture with something written in the back of it and an empty notebook. The picture was a message from her grandparents telling her to write on that notebook, which later would become a memory, just like they did. So Lucy started writing on it.

I found this fan fiction quite interesting, because as soon as I started reading it I really got into it. It was a short story and it finished quite quickly, but I wanted to read more. There were some spelling and grammar mistakes in it. However, it was a nice fan fiction.

Love Potion, a Hey Arnold! Fan Fiction

This fan fiction is a new episode from Hey Arnold!, the cartoon. In this episode, Helga drunk a love potion, which made her forget all her feelings for Arnold. When Helga drunk the love potion, her feelings for Arnold were gone. Arnold was very concerned about her not making fun of him, so he invited her for a picnic to find out what was going on. At the end, Helga never told her about the love potion, but they became very good friends.

I found this fan fiction's episode of Hey Arnold quite amusing. I actually liked the way that the episode was described. It made me feel as I was watching a new Hey Arnold episode. I liked it, because Helga was finally being nice to Arnold. It was well written and well described. I wanted to read more.

Mud slugs is a Rugrats fan fiction. This fan fiction is aboutthe twins Lil and Phil grown up. Phil falls in love with a girl. They then broke up, because the girl just made a bet with her friends as Phil was just a "mud slug".Lil suddenly finds out about Phil's problem and she does her best to make her brother feel better. After a long conversation, Lil made Phil understand that he wasn't a "mud slug". The day after, they both took revenge of the girl.

I thought that this fan fiction was well written. It made me feel like I was just watching a new Rugrat's episode. There were some spelling and grammar mistakes, but it was hard to realize. I found that this fan fiction had a message to people. The message was that brothers and sisters can always we there for you. I really appreciated this message, because it makes readers think about their siblings. Overall it was a fun story.

Catch is a fan fiction about Glee, the TV show. The fan fiction's setting is four years after Quinn had her daughter. This time, Quinn decided to keep her daughter instead of giving her away. Quinn was already 21 when her daughter was 4 years old. Quinn had brought up her daughter all by herself for the past four years. One day, Finn, Claire's dad finally showed up. Quinn got very upset that he didn't show up before. After thinking for a long time, Quinn forgave Finn and Claire finally got to meet her dad.

This fan fiction was quite interesting, as I never thought about what could have happened if Quinn kept her daughter. Overall, I enjoyed this fan fiction. Although the end was going to be obvious, I found that this fan fiction sounded quite real. The end didn't seem real, but the beginning of the story did. I liked the way the writer wrote it, because she made the story interesting, rather than boring.


Conversations is a fan fiction based on the television program Brothers and Sisters. Kevin is living with Kitty, because him and Scotty have had a big argument about Scotty. Scotty still loved Kevin and Kevin still loved Scotty, but Kevin was hurt by Scotty and he didn't want to talk or to hear about Scotty for a while. So Scotty rang Kitty up to have a conversation about her. Scotty just wanted to know how Kevin was doing, but Kitty didn't know much about how he was feeling, because she hasn't talked to Kevin about it. After a big conversation, Scotty and Kitty agreed that he would talk to him.

I liked this fan fiction, it really seemed like a part of a Brothers and Sisters episode. I wanted to keep on reading more. I was curious to read if Kevin and Scotty would get back together. I liked the way the conversation was written, because it was clear and it actually sounded as the real actors would be talking. Overall, I found this fan fiction very interesting. There were some spelling errors and also grammar mistakes, but it was possible to read the story.

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  1. Can you tell me what is it mean by "mud slug" in the previous fiction? I didn't quite understand it. However, do you think there're possible resolves other than having revenge? I'm not sure how much did they grown but the idea of revenge gives off some bad impression.